September 30, 2004

New Baby

well, that's what I'm waiting for anyways. My sister in law is upstairs in L&D and hopefully going to have a baby soon. I'm SO STOKED! I love babies. *especially when I can give them back* hehehe* It's supposed to be a boy, but you never know until it comes out. *Smile* well, I just checked in and she's only two centimeters. COME ON BABY!! *lol* I can't wait to see him! check back later! TOOT TOOT
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September 28, 2004

It's raining...

*sigh* rainy days suck! I just want to crawl back in bed and sleep. My boyfriend said I woke up this morning when the alarm went off and reset it. I don't remember this. I thought I just looked at the clock. He could be wrong, but then again I did kinda oversleep. So who knows? One of the cosmic glitches I guess. I got a part time job at my favorite store, JC Penneys. I love that store. and I get 20% off all the merchandise. Cool beans! I'm totally excited. I'm supposed to go down there tomorrow night I guess to sign paperwork and such. I'm excited. well, let me get back to work... fun fun... (yea right) til tomorrow. TOOT TOOT
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September 24, 2004

The Outsiders

I posted about this the other day. I love this movie. And this is the reason that I like some of Robert Frost's poems. My favorite of his, of course, is the one from the movie. I memorized it a long time ago... (in a galaxy far far away *heheh*just kiddin*)
Nature's first, green is gold Her Hardest hue to hold Her early leaf's a flower But only so an hour Then leaf subsides to leaf So Eden sank to grief So dawn goes down today Nothing Gold can stay.
I just love that poem. I don't really know why, maybe except it reminds me to the movie so much. It takes me back to when I was thir *younger* Smile*. that's most likely why I like it.
Just on a side note.. I have this "Bulletin" hanging in my office.


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has determined that the maximum safe load capacity on my butt is tow persons at one time, unless I install safety straps. As you have arrived sixth in line to ride my ass today, please take a number and wait your turn. THANK YOU.

that's all folks! TOOT TOOT
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My ancestors...

Any of you that didn't know that the National Museum of the American Indian opened in Washington should pay attention!! I was unable to go, but my darling auntie *my favorite auntie* was on hand to pay homage, be a part of history in the making and take yummy pictures of half naked Indian men. *can't wait to see them!* For as computer literate as she is, she was a blog virgin until she came here. Here is her very first comment:

Hey!Bet you didn't even miss me huh? Well your favorite Aunt was in Washington at the opening of the National Museum of the American Indian. Needless to say it was a time in my life I'll never forget and have started collecting things for your little cousin to be "Sonic the Hedgehog" to show HER where some of her ancestors came from and that her grandmother was there to see a part of history come to life.Great music, wonderful stories and art and beautiful men in loincloth, what more could one ask for? Too bad you weren't there girlfriend!

I hope she either wants to post regularly here or starts her own blog. I love my auntie. The things that come out of that woman's mouth are most often thought provoking, sarcastic and funny. She cracks me up. I think I'll get a lot more hits if she starts to post. But then again, it will just point out the fact that I cannot really write. *Smile* unless I'm mad or frustrated and then I come up with some good stuff. Otherwise it's just words, typed on a page. But hey, I never said that i could write. so there.... anywho... damn work is back for a rematch. bastard. This time it's to the pain!!!! *know what that's from?* leave me a comment if you know the answer...toots
Semper Fi

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September 23, 2004


Yesterday came and went without a lot of fanfare. But people do you realize that summer is officially over? I can tell too. I realize that the sun isn't up as high when I leave for work in the morning. And now it's getting darker by 7pm. *sigh* that's the only part I really don't like about fall. that whole getting darker earlier thing. *smile* I love autumn though. I love the temperatures. I love watching the leaves changes. And I absolutely love the smell of fireplaces burning on a crisp autumn evening. *big sniff* nope, don't smell it yet, but soon. I can feel it in the air. work is wrestling me to the ground right now, so I have to go. But I'll gain the upper hand again soon. And then there will be hell to pay! Semper Fi
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September 22, 2004

No Title

I'm too lazy today to this of a title. I wasn't even going to post, but the urge was too strong *smile*. I finally saw "The Passion of the Christ" last night. Awesome. I have to admit that I cried. I know the story. I mean, I went to Sunday school for about 8 years. But to actually see it and for it to be that graphic, wow. Kudos to Gibson for sticking his neck out there. I don't really see what the big stink was about anywho. I suggest seeing it if you already haven't. I'm going to go see Resident Evil 2 this weekend (i hope). Any reviews for me?? Semper Fi
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September 21, 2004


:) I love getting comments. Make me feel all warm and gooey inside. Like a toasted marshmellow. LOL....another day another dollar here at work. GGRRR...i Hate petty people. And there is one here at work that has just about really pissed me off today. *two-faced little be...* although, I've just decided that I'm going to kill her with kindness. That'll piss her off more than it will me. *smile* I will just smile and suck it up for right now, until i can tell this place to kiss my ass. on that note, it's time for me to get the hell outta here. toot toot kiddies Semper Fi
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September 20, 2004

"As I ...

"As I stepped out into the bright sunlight, from the darkenss of the movie house, I had only two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home." Ponyboy Curtis, The Outsiders.

I loved the book. And definitely loved the movie.

Semper Fi

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Monday, Monday..

Hola kiddies! how's it going? I got a comment from Paul about being friends with ex's. I told my beau about my ex. He didn't seem upset about it. Like I said, it's not a constant everyday thing and it's not like we're meeting for coffee or anything. If he said he really didn't feel comfortable, I would stop emailing the ex. Of course, I'm always the one that emails him actually. *hmmmm...interesting* I wonder if he would bother if I didn't? We might just have to try that theory out. It's not a big deal. My beau trusts me and I would never do anything to break that trust, that's why I told him. I don't want to keep anything from him. He's my best friend. I can tell him anything. And he can tell, just by looking at me that something's "wrong" or I have something on my mind that I need to discuss *but can't spit it out*. We talk about everything. *smile* I do believe he is the best thing that's ever happened to me. *smile* well, got some work to do. I think I'll post again later. Thanks to those who've signed my guest book and left some comments. Makes me world a little warmer knowing that you read what I've written. Toodles... Semper Fi
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September 17, 2004


Anyone else still friends with one of their ex's? I am. And have been for almost what, 8 years now. Jeeezzzzus. It's not the talk on the phone, email everyday type of friendship. It's a every couple month spurt of "hi, r u still alive?" kinda thing. Well, this ex got married in May. I'm happy for him. Did it hurt? a little. I haven't harboured any hopes for him in a long time. I just like to know that he's happy and still out there sharing the world. He sent me pictures today of him and his wife. She is really cute. And when I really stop to think about it...she is so much more his style than I ever was. Did you read my profile? I'm from Bmore. City. Ghetto if you will. (it wasn't that bad) and I still live there. For now. but that's another story for another time. He was from the "country". To this day I still don't really know what he saw in me. Besides the fact that I was completely different than any of his other girlfriends. We dated for a year and split up right before our one year anniversary. It was kinda mutual split. Honestly, I really don't remember how it happened, nor do I want to. I'm glad that my mind has muted that one memory. I do remember talking to him as friends after we broke up. I also remember catching up with him in Cali. when I went out there for a wedding. It was great to see him. Did I think we would spark things up and maybe get back together? No. honestly, I knew that we didn't belong together. I think about the things we did, and smile. I spent almost two weeks in Georgia with him right after he graduated college. *we stayed with his uncles* That was fun since I had never been. LOL...he told me that he was going to ask me to marry him our first christmas together. We had been together since April. But he said that he didnt' have the money for the ring. *Smile* do I believe him? I want to. *smile* but if he knew how much I had loved him and would've done anything for him, he would've known that he could've given me a Cracker Jack's plastic ring and I would've been happy. They say God works in mysterious ways. And I SO believe that because he seems so happy with his wife. *just for kicks, she has my name!*hehehe* And I'm happy with my new beau. so, alls well that ends well I guess. Have a great weekend kiddies... Semper Fi
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Ah the weekend...

well, I have a pool tournament tonight. Send some luck my way PLEASE...we keep winning and my team gets to go to VEGAS. *oh yeah, oh yeah...doin the runnin man!* So cross your fingers for me peeps. And then I get to get up and take the fire department test tomorrow. I hope. I'm getting there by 5:30 and the test starts at 8:30. *geez* So, we're hoping that no one wants to get up that damn early. We're going to hit the Dunkin Donuts before we leave. I've got two of the big thermos' that they sell. We'll get them filled and grab some donuts or something. Well, i don't have too much else to say. *hmm.. interesting** here's some reminiscing for your Friday: You know you're a child of the Eighties if:
  1. You ever ended you sentence with "psych" (we spelled it syke, but hey...)
  2. You solved the Rubics peeling off the stickers *hehehe*
  3. You watched the Pound Puppies (i owned one with a tutu)
  4. You can sing the rap to "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" (yo, home to Bel Air!)
  5. You wore biker shorts under your skirts and felt stylish (only while in uniform)
  6. You yearned to be a member of the Baby-sitters club and tried to start one of your own. (nope, can't say I did)
  7. You owned those little Strawberry Shortcake scented dolls (yup, still have them!)
  8. You know who Six is from Blossom. (YO!)
  9. Three words : M C Hammer (stop...Hammer time)
  10. You can sing the entire theme song to "Duck Tales" (I remember the show, not the song)
  11. If you played the chipmunks Christmas album all year long! (me I want a hula-hoop!)
  12. The crypt keeper really freaked you out. (nope, Freddy Kruger did)
  13. Remember reading Kool-Aid man comics. (wasn't into comics)
  14. You ever watched Fraggle Rock. (okay, a couple times)
  15. You had plastic streamers on the handle bars of your bike. (only when I was really little)
  16. When it was actually worth getting up early on a Saturday to watch cartoons. (Oh Yeah!)
  17. You wore a pony tail to the side of your head (my hair was too short)
  18. You saw the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the big screen. (i think I did, my nephew LOVED that movie)
  19. You got super-excited when it was Oregon Trail day in computer class at school (no)
  20. You made your mom buy you one of those clips that would hold your shirt in a know on the side. (no, sorry didn't get that one)
  21. You had a Kirk Cameron poster on your wall (although he was a hottie, I didn't hang posters on my wall)
  22. You played the "Mash" game with friends at school (don't remember that one)
  23. You wore a Jordache jean jacket and you were proud of L.A. Gear. (jordache yes, LA gear, no)
  24. Your mother wouldn't let you have the garbage pail kids. (didn't really like them)
  25. You remember reading the "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing" and all the Ramona books (no...Chronicles of Narnia)
  26. You know the profound meaning of "Wax on, Wax off" (Daniel-son)
  27. You wanted to be a Goonie (OMG, yes!)
  28. You ever work fluorescent, neon if you will, clothing (sigh, yes)
  29. You wanted to be on Starsearch. (yes, as a dancer!)
  30. You can remember what Michael Jackson looked like before his nose felloff (I wanted to marry him)
  31. You took lunch boxes to school (including the thermos)
  32. You have ever pondered why Smurfette was the ONLY female smurf (yes...what were they thinking?)
  33. You remember the craze, and then the banning of slap bracelets. (those really did hurt)
  34. You still get the urge to use "NOT" at the end of every statement you make *hehehe*
  35. You remember Hypercoler T-shirts (yup)
  36. Barbie and the Rockers were your favorite band (nope, JEM was!)
  37. You remember Punky Brewster (yeah, didn't really like it though)
  38. You loved Howard the Duck (wouldn't say loved)
  39. You thought She-ra and He-man should hook up (Masters of the universe)
  40. You thought your childhood friends would never leave because you exchanged "friendship bracelets" (no...we were blood sisters, much more important)
  41. You ever owned a pair of jelly shoes (ugh, not sanitary)
  42. After you saw Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, you couldn't stop saying "I know you are, but what am I?" *hehehe*
  43. You remember "I've fallen...and I can't get up!" (yep,LOL. still use that one too!)
  44. When you watched Family Matters and you wanted to beat Steve Urkels ass (yeah)
  45. You remember going to the skating rink before there were inline skates (pom poms anyone?)
  46. You ever got seriously injured on a slip and side. (no, we lived in the city and that would have really hurt)
  47. You know not to mix poprocks and soda (RIP Mikey)
  48. You have played with a 'skip-it' (yea, we used to race with them)
  49. You had or went to a birthday party at McDonalds (yes, I remember, I think it was mine!)
  50. If you've ever wanted to go to Degrassi High (missed that one!)
  51. You ever sat on or used one knee on a skateboard (that is SO dangerous LOL)
  52. You learned oldies songs by watching Alvin and the Chipmunks (It's my party....)
  53. You had a Glow worm or watched the cartoon. (I loved my glow worm)
  54. You remember dancing along with the Bangles "Walk like and Egyptian" (LOL, yeah)
  55. If you remember Heathcliff the orange cat.. (yeah)
  56. You saw the California Raisins Christmas claymation special (missed that although I still have some raisins figurines)
  57. You've gone through this list occasionally saying "That wasn't from the 80's" (Fresh Prince?)
  58. You remember Popples. (was that a game?)
  59. Don't worry, Be happy!!! (here's a little song I wrote..)
  60. You wore socks over tights with high-top Reeboks. (no, didn't like tights)
  61. You wore like 8 pairs of socks at once, scrunched down (it was more like 3)
  62. Miss Mary, MACK MACK MACK, all dressed in BLACK BLACK BLACK (with silver buttons, buttons, buttons...)
  63. You remember boom boxes instead of CD players (my bro had one that was huge and had an alarm on it)
  64. You remember watching both "Gremlins" movies (No food after midnight)
  65. You remember the gimp fad (hmmm...the walk?)
  66. You remember the Transformers (more than meets the eye!)
  67. You had to buy a pair of overalls when everyone started wearing them (yeah, )
  68. You knew what it meant to say "Care Bear Stare!" and you had a favorite (Good Luck bear)
  69. You remember Rainbow Bright and My Little Pony tails (yes)
  70. You remember watching tv thinking Doogie Howser was hot! (didn't watch and no he wasn't hot)
  71. You remember ALF, the little furry brown alien from Malmac (I had the 3D stickers)
  72. You remember the large amounts of hair spray used (OMG do I!)
  73. You remember those very stylish headbands (didn't wear them)
  74. You remember Vicki the robot (stupid show)
  75. You remember Eve Garland from 'Out of this World' and how she could stop time by pressing the tips of her index fingers together and talkting to her dad through a glowing cube in her room. ('t think I do)
  76. You remember the beginning of the New Kids on the Block (Please don't go guuurrrlll)
  77. You remember watching the Cosby show (I wanted to be adopted)
  78. You remember Mr. Belvedere. (remember, but didn't like him)
  79. You remember Michael J. Fox in Family Ties and Back to the Future (yeah, and I wanted to be able to do that)
  80. Can you think of anything else??

Semper Fi

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September 15, 2004

IT'S OFFICIAL! I'm in...

The Irish Lass has bestowed her blessing on me. I'm officially a "chic for Bush". You most likely won't find a lot political stuff on my blog. I try to follow it, but not enough to put it in my blog. I'll refer you to some of my other favorites. Lt. Smash is a great blog if you want some politics served up "straight forward" style. Check my list, he's there. Go visit.
Completely different topic...missed out on the test yesterday. We got there around 5:50. I told my best friend that we should've have left earlier. She knew one of the guys at the test. He said that they were actually full by 4:30. WTF? So we're going to do it on Saturday. The test starts at 8:30am so we're going to get there no later than 5:30AM. I figure that's a good time. It might even be earlier. I don't want to not get a spot again. that would fuckin suck. So....I'm going to do some work...*yuck* Semper Fi
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September 14, 2004


That's right...I've asked to become a member. Head on over there if your a chic and you support our Commander in Chief.
I didn't post yesterday cuz I was actually a little busy at work. I've actually got some stuff to do today, but I'm taking my time so that I can make the work last all day. Pretty smart huh?
I'm also going to take the Firefighter test today *written part, anyway*. I took a practice civil service test online today and scored a 92%. So hopefully I'll do as well tonight. Send lots of luck my way please! *smile* I'll post tomorrow to tell you all how everything went. til then, work is knocking....and it can't be ignored any longer.... Semper Fi
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September 11, 2004


It's simple people.... NEVER FORGET. Semper Fi
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September 10, 2004

It's quittin time...

I've calmed myself down some. It's the weekend. I'm working tomorrow down in the ED so that should be okay. Then it's off to my sister in law's baby shower and swimming. *smile* fun in the sun. Before autumn comes in and brings cooler weather. But I'm actually looking forward to that. And Sunday I get to see my cousin *WOOHOO* I can't wait. Haven't seen him in over 6 months. so kiddies, take care, have fun and drink one for me. Semper Fi
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Pissed off..

yeah, yeah, I know. It's better to be pissed off than pissed on. Well, what the fuck ever cuz right now I'm pretty fuckin steamed. In case you haven't read any of my other posts, I HAD a part time job. It was a pretty cush job, it was stripping and sealcoating parking lots. The pay was good and the boss (I thought) okay. Well, I busted my ass last weekend for him. I 'm a good worker. I mean come on, he bought me a fuckin $300 dollar fuckin vacuum cleaner cuz he said it was for being an exceptional employee. *let me state, for the record, there was NO other "services" rendered for this. don't even go there* ANYWHO....last week we finished up a job and the contractor we were working for was there. The contractor and my boss were talking... now I did not know that they were actually talking work, I figured they were bullshitting like most men I know. I wanted to get home. I had been working all weekend when I should have had a three day weekend. I had worked with him the previous night and didn't get home til 3 AfuckinM. And this was because I took another one of his workers home. that is story for another day. so, back to that day. I was planning on getting crabs with my cousin. So I said "Hey, ----, let's roll, I've got some crabs waiting for me!" I didn't say it nasty. I didn't stomp my foot. I said it jokingly to try to get his ass moving. He said okay, we got in the truck and drove back to the shop. NOW, the next day he tells my best friend *duh* that he can't use me anymore because I'm unprofessional. WTF??? Did he fall and hit his head? or maybe just fucking smoke too much crack? I mean come on! I've waited all week for him to call me. No call. So I call him today and he tells me that he can't use me...blah, blah, unprofessional. I said Unprofessional??? Like it was professional for you to go behind my back and tell someone else before you told me??? I asked him why he didn't tell me. He said he was waiting for me to call. WTF???? Come on now. Let me explain to you.. I have been working with him since March. He's never had a problem with me before. I helped him set up a computer because he was using a fuckin typewriter for his invoices and estimates. I went down and typed up his invoices and estimates for him.....he doesn't even know how to turn the fuckin thing on. I want to know why his sorry ass didn't say anything to me as soon as we got in the fuckin truck? I could have apologized to the contractor to explain that I was just joking. But no, he didn't even give me that chance. So you know what?? fuck him and his work. bastard... so can you tell i'm a little freakin upset??? It would just take too long to explain about other people that work with him. but do I say anything??? no... cuz i just watch out for me. but he wants to not use me anymore and other people have done worse??? what the fuck ever....bastard.. okay this post is really fuckin long. i need a fuckin drink. Semper Fi
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September 09, 2004

Over 1,000 visits

Wow...never would have imagined to get over 1,000. It was an accomplishment for me when I hit 500. *hehehe* Maybe there are some people out there who actually checked intomy little world for a short time. (or they just stumble across it and keep going) *hehehe* I would really like to see who is visiting my pages, but alas, I am not that computer savy. SO, help a sister out, leave a comment or better yet, sign my guestbook. I'm always looking for new blogs to read. *smile* Semper Fi
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I cheated...

I know. I was lazy yesterday and didn't write a "real" post. But I liked the picture, that's why I posted it. It's almost the weekend. WOOHOO! I get to see my cousin this weekend. My sister in laws baby shower is Saturday. And we're having it at my aunt's who has a built in swimming pool. I'm excited. I can't wait. it should be fun. *smile* And then the welcome home party for my cousin. Crabs...yum. I tell you what.. there is nothing better than crabs in Maryland. I think it all has to do with the old bay seasoning. Yum... the more the merrier for me. hot crabs with a cold beer. There is nothing better in these last few days of summer. You know that autumn officially starts the 22nd of this month? where has the time gone? October will mark one year that I've been separated from my husband. I will file paper work the first of October. hopefully I'll be divorced by Christmas or at least at the beginning of the new year. I get my last name back and THAT I am SO happy about. I have to say that I'll never do it again. Getting married at least. *sigh* Don't get me wrong, my husband wasn't necessarily a bad person. But he had a drug problem. Instead of talking to me about issues he was having, he turned to pills. And I can't be with someone without trust and he lost that trust a long time ago. Every time I tried to trust him, he'd fuck up. Take money out of the bank without telling me. *sigh* that REALLY pissed me off. Especially when he tried to tell me it wasn't him. DUH! WTF? do I look stupid? need to keep reliving the past. I have a boyfriend now who believes in me and supports me in whatever endeavor I choose. He is proud of me that I want to make my life better. He tries to keep me on the right track. It's hard to hear sometimes, but I know I need it. I just hope that he decides to stay around for a while. *smile* Semper Fi
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September 08, 2004

I'm purple...

fhg You're a "Purple Angel". You're a fighter and you know it. If you were an angel, you'd be part of the celestial army. You're tough as nails and definately a go big or go home person. You do everything to the best of your ability. You're not like the gaudian angel where you just protect your friends but you protect everybody. You can't stand to see people suffering and you'd do anything to change that. You're a very fun person as long as people are on your good side and you're very laid back.

What Color Angel Are You? (PICS)
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September 07, 2004

It's Official! cousin is officially home! *woohoo* not actually in state yet, but at least on American soil. I can't wait to see him this weekend. I'm really excited *and it has nothing to do with the crabs that my uncle is getting for the party!!!* hehehe*
this weekend pretty much sucked, although I made some good ass money. I worked all frickin weekend. how fucked up is that? *Geez* yesterday was my only day "off". and I didn't do jack shit cuz I was tired as all hell. I'm still a little tired, but I'll get over it. How was everyone's weekend? anything interesting? let me least I can read about someone else's good time, since I didn't have one this weekend.
Semper Fi

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September 03, 2004


I remember vividly when I was five, my aunt making my handprints to give to my mom for Christmas. To this day I can still recall the poem that went along with the handprints. It's very popular now, but back in the was the thing to do... so here is the poem.. feel free to use it if you want.
Sometimes you get discouraged, because I am so small And always leave my fingerprints, on furniture and walls. But everyday I'm growing, and I'll be grown someday. And all those tiny fingerprints will surely fade away. So here's a final handprint, just so you can recall Exactly how my fingers looked, when I was very small.
*sniffles* I love that poem. On to some good stuff. IT"S FRRRIIIIDDAAYYYY!!!! *doin the runnin man!* ohyeahohyeah* It's a three day weekend! *cabbage patch* AND, the best freakin news of all??? My cousin is coming home from IRAQ. His flight should come in on Monday. And he'll be back home here hopefully by next Wednesday. OOHRAH! I can't wait to see him. In case your wondering what the hell i'm talking about... go read the first post published. Damn, guess I'll have to change the discription on my blog now... hmmmm... this will need some deep thinking....hit me up and tell me your plans for the weekend. Semper Fi
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September 02, 2004

Guest Book

hey kiddies! I have a guest book. Go if you don't want to leave a comment, please sign the guest book so I know who you are. *smile* I'd love to hear from you!! toodles Semper Fi
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Things that make you go hmmmm....

  1. The "Mmm-bop" song by Hanson. *WTF?*
  2. Why most cars now a days do not have turn signals. *oh, wait, people just don't use them!*
  3. The point of my ex boyfriend calling me this morning and playing "you'll think of me" by Keith Urban. *i know it was him cuz he's the only moron who will 1. call me a play a damn song and 2. call me from a restricted number on my cell phone. I hope he doesn't think he's being sneaky*
  4. Deion Sanders coming out of retirement to play for the Ravens. (come on now, like we really need his old ass.)
  5. Why I can't seem to get my fat ass on the ball about working out. *geesh*
  6. Why people can't seem to keep to the subject during a meeting? *hence the agenda*
  7. Why lazy asses can't take their own gawddamn notes....
  8. Ironing a skirt for work knowing that it'll be wrinkled from the car ride by the time you actually get to work.
  9. Why my dog feels the need to roll on the freshly vacuumed floor....
  10. Why 4 females in my family are pregnant....(i do NOT want whatever the hell they are drinking!)

I'm sure I'd think of more if I actually sat here and thought about it. but nah, I'd rather not. I don't think I could do that whole list thing of 100. That's just too damn much. Most people get bored by the time they reach 50 anyways. I think i'll try 30...yeah, that sounds good. Or 40, then call it the "weekly top 40!" hehehehe... we'll see how that actually goes. well, kiddies, work calls. I try to tone it out, but it just ripped out my ear plugs. *bastard!* toodles

Semper Fi
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September 01, 2004


I used to post everyday. I don't know why I don't anymore. Maybe it's just that I want to make sure that I have something to say. My sister in law is in L&D, but she's not going to have that baby today*go figure*. We'll have to wait it out I guess. I'm also at a lost as to what to say. so on that to you kiddies tomorrow. Semper Fi
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