August 30, 2004

It's Monday

Yeah, it's Monday. My weekend was okay. spent too much money Saturday night *sigh*. entirely too much to drink. I need to put my foot down about that. I know I'm a binge drinker. But I need to stop that. I don't do it every weekend or every other. but when my girls and I go out, it happens. I can't just drink normal. I get hammered. *Sigh* that's dangerous. I have to start making a concious effort to not do that. Just drink enough to get a good buzz without completely getting trashed. ANYWHO...I put my club on my car and so far so good. No one has messed with it (knocking on wood). Then I think that i'm having problems with my central air. *GGGRRRR* it's not kicking out cold air. just cool air. So now I have to try to find someone who will come out and service it. bastards. I don't have money for that shite. It sucks!!! I need a second job. well, a steady second job. holiday season is almost upon us *can u believe it?* places will be looking for extra help. I guess it's time for me to start putting in applications. I think I'll do that tomorrow. They *who are "they" anyways?* say that you have to work for what you want. Well damnit all, I work hard and still have shite to show for it. that's my life it seems. Thanks Brian and No Milk for the kind words. You two are great! *smile* and hugs.

Oh, and did ya'll see? Over 900 visits....woohoo! that's pretty freakin amazin considerin that I didn't think that anyone would find (or be interested in) my little world.

so, talk to you kiddies later. I've got to try to get some stupid ass work done. *sigh* another freakin day, another freakin dollar. (in my case, some change!)

Semper Fi
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August 27, 2004

Yada, Yada, Yada

It's Friday...yet again. And have I mentioned lately how much I really hate my job? I just do not get paid enough for all the shite I do. It sucks. When I first accepted my position, I was only a secretary for ONE director. Now i have THREE. Yes, three. How the hell did that happen? I haven't a fucking clue. It really pisses me off because I haven't gotten a raise for that shite. Then I also take over the "Proword" shite. All that typing and what not. THen I attend two meetings for the sole purpose of taking notes. Come on, how fuckin borin is that shite? I need four sodas, a fuckin expresso and food to make it through these meetings. They are really fuckin boring and I do not even have a say in anything that goes on in these meetings. So all I do is sit there and listen to everyone else bitch and get off the subject. I just want to smack someone when they do that. I really would. Like a fuckin wake up call.
THEN, holy shite... I almost forfuckingot. Some little rat assed bastard tried to break into my car last night. Fuckers. I have a dodge neon. it's very easy to break into cuz the doors flex. I'm not sure that your average joe knows about this, but little brain dead, asshole car thiefs do. Luckily they didn't take anything. But my fuckin door was flexed out about 2 inches from the fuckin body. I was livid to say the least. I will find out what little fuckin assmuch junkie ass motherfucker thought it would do him some good to fuck with my car. Then he/she/it is going to wish I turned them into the police. Luckily my boyfriend could flex it back into place. Otherwise my ass was not coming to work until I got that shit fixed. Knowing my luck it would've rained. and there was a brick behind my car too. OH MY EFFIN GOD! I wouldn't be here writing this right now if that little rat bastard had busted my window out. I would've been on a man hunt. believe that. *GGGRRRR* what a fuckin way to start my friday. And then realize that you have more bills than you have money? great. just fuckin great. of course. that shite should come as no surprise to me. *hahah* I can't fuckin make money to save my fuckin soul. *shite*
I think this is the first time I've truly vented on this blog. *smile* it feels good. I need to do it more often. GEESUS....the more I think about my fuckin car, the more pissed I get. *ggrrr* i need a fuckin drink. And a smoke....on that note. I'll post later....toodles kiddies Semper Fi
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August 25, 2004


What'da ya say? what'da ya know? Someone actually reads and likes my blog. *doin the runnin man* I've been surfing around the past couple of days and have found some really funny and interesting blogs. My daily read list just gets longer and longer. *smile* but it's fun. I'll have to update my links. I'll try to do that today. Sooo, kiddies anything new and interesting happening in your world? Semper Fi
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August 24, 2004

Witty Post....

Sometimes I wonder if I should just give up blogging. I like it and all, but I read some other bloggers and it just makes me feel inferior. *smile* I literally crack up at some of the stuff they write. I only make a few witty comments here and there. And I usually find myself pretty amusing. But here lately, I haven't really had anything to write about. I've become pretty mellow *compared to about two months ago!*. I believe it has something to do with my boyfriend. He is very mellow, not to say that he is boring. That's one of the things I love about him, he can make me laugh quicker than anyone I know. He just doesn't let stupid little things get to him. I catch myself every now and then saying "Is this really that big of a deal to get upset over?" And usually it isn't. I still haven't applied this theory to driving though *hehehe* I have a touch of road rage. Maybe it's just that I hate when it's "Asshole driving day" and no one informs me. Cuz, if I know that before hand, my ass stays home. I'm talking about the morons who don't use turn signals, cut me off, slam on their brakes, go 30 in a 55, etc. Yes, I know that these things are an everyday occurence. But on "Asshole Driving Day", the numbers increase ten fold. And on days where I have to be somewhere on time. I leave early to get there and still end up just getting there on time because of the assholes. *gggrrr* I've gotten better though. Now it's a sarcastic remark made in a normal tone, whereas before it was screaming through the windshield trying to make sure that the other person heard me (even though my windows are up!) *sigh* there is my little rant for today. Oh wait, I have one more. I have now gained back 10 lbs. of the 25 that I had lost. This shite is NOT happening. I have to do something. ANYTHING at this point. Stop stuffing my face will be a good start. I think I'll start skipping lunch. Go for a walk or something. That sounds like a good idea. Start bringing my headphones to work with me. Sounds like a plan! *hmmm...* good thinking! *patting self on back* I'll start that shite tomorrow. yeah.... Semper Fi
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August 20, 2004

Say it ain't so!!!!

*sigh* One of my FAVORITE bloggers is calling it quits. *sniff* ggrrrr...I have so enjoyed reading his daily posts. I hope he reconsiders and keeps blogging. Maybe if he gets a flood of comments telling him to keep it up and how many people will miss him, he'll keep blogging. So, click on the title of this post to get to his blog and leave him a comment. PLEASE? *sniff* I really don't want to beg, but I will if I must. *PLEASE! on knees!* pretty please with sugar on top? I'll post again later, but right now I'm too depressed. * i wonder if there is any ice cream around this joint?* Semper Fi
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August 17, 2004


nothing...that's exactly what's going on with me right now. work, then home. work, then home. *Sigh* fun fun....I am really looking forward to taking the Fire department test next month. It should be interesting. I'm just hoping I can pass since there is really no way to study for it. The hardest part for me will be the physical part. I need to quit smoking. *sigh* I just don't think I'm ready to do that. I'm also scared shitless that I'll gain weight if I do. I just lost about 20 lbs and don't want to gain it back. ya know? but I guess if I could actually get my ass to excersize....that would be a different story. My boyfriend and I are going to go look at some equipment this week. Hopefully we'll see something we can afford. We'll see. well, i've got some work to do. I'll try to post again later.... Semper Fi
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August 13, 2004

Friday....the 13th

well kiddies, not only is it Friday, but it's Friday the 13th. *hmmm* I usually have good luck today *knock on wood* We'll see how it goes. I went to see Phantom of the Opera last night. It was good. Sometimes it was a little too loud and I couldn't understand what they were singing. But it was good. I did not like the theater though. My mom and I saw it at the Hippodrome. The Drome is an OLD theater that they renovated this year. It was built in the late 1800's. It had been closed for a while but they wanted to reinvent that part of downtown. It's beautiful inside, but it's small and from the balcony seats, you can barely see the stage. I like the Mechanic the best I think. Then the Lyric. I've seen a lot of musicals, probably because of the dancing. Let's make a list of all the ones I've seen shall we??? *hey, don't shake your head! it's my blog! *hehehe* (these are in no order)
  1. The Phantom of the Opera
  2. Grease
  3. Jelly's Last Jam
  4. Stomp
  5. The Sound of Music
  6. Annie
  7. A Chorus Line
  8. Cats
  9. Starlight Express
  10. Les Miserables
  11. Carousel
  12. The Will Rogers Follies

Hmmm... I guess that's not really a lot. I might have missed one or two. I'll probably think of them later. So, question. Have you ever seen a musical? If so, which one? did you like it? do you want to see any others? Let me know. I'm really interested!!! til later kiddies....

Semper Fi
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August 11, 2004

Hump Day Hoo-Hah!

These questions are from Dizzy Girl, who gives out a new set of questions every week. So here goes nothing.
  1. What’s your worst fear? Why? I think my fear of heights. I can get on roller coasters, but not a 3 foot step ladder without shaking. Weird...
  2. What scared the crap out of you as a child? Are you still scared of it? Freddy Kruger scared me as a child. I watched the first two movies back to back. No I'm not scared of him anymore. *smile*
  3. Ghosts…do you believe in them? Ever seen one? Yes I believe in ghosts. No I've never seen one, but my father died in the house I live in. I've had weird things happen. Like clothes not where I left them. The AC or heat on a different setting than when I left. Misplace items suddenly being found. Doors open when they were closed. I don't know if it's him or I'm just really losing my mind. *smile*
  4. Ever had a recurring nightmare? Oh, do tell. Not since I've grown up. But when I was younger I always had a dream about being the only person "alive" and everyone else were zombies. Return of the Living dead type shite. Freaked me out.
  5. Clowns: evil or just misunderstood? Evil little bastards. My mom bought me a damn clown. When you tossed him in the air and caught him around the waist, he laughed. He reminded me of the damn clown from Poltergeist. I threw that damn thing out.
  6. Would you rather: someone dump a bucket of spiders over your head or eat horse testicles? Horse testicles. Definitely. I hate bugs, spiders etc. Just the thought sends shivers down my spine.
  7. What’s the worst way to die: suffocation, drowning, or burning to death? They all pretty much suck, but I would say number 3...burning to death. Ever smelled singed hair? can you imagine what human flesh smells like?
  8. One of my worst fears is driving off the side of the road into a body of water. I know what to do in that situation, do you? Let’s have a little test, shall we? And no Googling! Say your car goes over a bridge and into the water…what’s the correct way to get out: (1) Wait for the water to rise above the window level, then roll down your windows and swim out….or…. (2) Roll your windows down first, allowing your car to fill up with water, then swimming out….or…. (3) Do not wait for the car to sink, but get out first and swim to safety. This is a tricky one, but go with your gut instinct. Um...I'm going to go with 2. Although, if the windows are up, I saw that you should have a window punch in your glove box. It shatters the window with very little pressure. So I would assume that you need to wait til the car is filled with water or the pressure of the car sinking will still pull you under. Interesting...
Well kiddies...any thoughts?? comments? let me hear from you....or better yet. You answer the questions. *Smile* Semper Fi
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Hola Kiddies~

Wow, it's been since Friday that I haven't posted? *geesh* well, I was sick on Monday. And yesterday I was actually busy at work. Go figure. *smile* Not much happening right now. Give it time...I'm sure something will pop up. *smile* i'll post again later..... Semper Fi
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August 06, 2004

Hi de ho!

Well, it's Friday again. *sigh* Does anyone else just live for the weekend? It seems like my whole week is focused on Friday. Just to have the weekend speed by and it's Monday again. I am a firm believer that we should only have 4 day work weeks. *smile* Everyone would probably be less stressed. I basically get two weeks off a year *yuck* and I have to accrue them. How bad does that suck? *sigh* oh well, what can you do? not a damn thing. I can't wait to get the hell outta here. Only about 2 more hours. *sigh* I'm really beginning to hate my job. The only good thing? I get access to the internet. *Smile* so therefore, I use the internet to look for a better job. weird. well, I'm bored so I'm going to surf for a little bit. Have a good weekend kiddies! Semper Fi
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August 05, 2004


I don't know why I like this little quizzes, but I do! *so neener, neener!* sffh4 You're Element is Fire. You have a strong, independant, fiery personality and you obviously don't ley other's puch you around. You like being in charge and don't care what other people think. In fact, you like to stand out and be yourself. You're probably shy when people first meet you but your a ball of energy that could explode at any given moment. You like to laugh and whether you admit it or not, you like to fight. You're peronality that is wild and untamable. You're beauty is physically fit and a little sexy and you have a very pretty face.

What's Your Element(girls)? (PICTURES)
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Simple Pleasures

Yeah... I found my Van Morrison CD yesterday (Moondance). Talk about a happy camper! The whole cd is excellent. Although my favorite song is "Into The Mystic", I like all the songs.
  1. And it stoned me
  2. Moondance
  3. Crazy Love
  4. Caravan
  5. Into the Mystic
  6. Come Running
  7. These dreams of you
  8. Brand new day
  9. Everyone
  10. Glad Tidings

The simple pleasures in life are what make it for me. I don't want to be super rich. I want enough money to pay my bills and buy myself a little something nice every now and then. That's it. I don't need a big house *too much to clean* and I only need one car. you can only drive one at a time. *smile* Come on kiddies....what are some of your simple pleasures....?

Semper Fi
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August 03, 2004

All the fun quizes!!!!

Some of these are just too much!!!


What's your sexual appeal?
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CWINDOWSDesktopGrease.jpg Grease!

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
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Random thoughts

I'm having no original thoughts today. *some people would say that's nothing new!* little do they know the random thoughts and other shite that run through my head all day. on that note I leave you with a list *oh yes, another one!* of some of my pet peeves....and some of my on!


  1. Rainy days *when I actually have things to do*
  2. Rainy days because people drive bad *as opposed to their normal everyday, got my license from a cracker jack box, selves*
  3. Hypocrites.
  4. Jealous people.
  5. Bad hair days. *and I have those a lot! (damn curly hair!)*
  6. Mosquitoes. *little bastards think i'm a buffet!*
  7. Commercials on the radio. *hence the reason why i usually listen to cds!*
  8. The dog stepping on my toe right after I've just finished painting them. * animals have a sixth sense when it comes to stuff like that. Like you've just mopped the kitchen floor?*
  9. People trying to carry a conversation with my while I'm watching a movie or one of my TV shows. *do you not see me staring in a trancelike state? what makes you think that I can hear you??**
  10. Spilling something on yourself right as your getting ready to walk out the door. *damn! is the only word that comes to mind * (at least PG-13 version)
  11. Friday nights at the mall because it has become some weird freak show and all the hooligans are out. *don't they have somewhere else to hang out?*
  12. People who don't use their blinkers. *i know, i know, that model didn't come with blinkers installed!*
  13. MTA buses that can't pick a lane so they take up both of them and you get stuck behind them while 40 people get on and off the bus. *sigh*
  14. The damn floor pigme that jumps up and grabs my foot while I'm walking. *therefore, making me look like a ass because I tripped over nothing. I swear I'm going to catch him one day!*
  15. Same shite goes for the sock fairy. you know the one that takes at least one sock everytime you do laundry?? yeah, i want to pluck her wings.


  1. Spring days. *not too hot, not too cold*
  2. Cruisin down the shore, blaring some good music and singing at the top of my lungs.
  3. Rainbows.
  4. Tap dancing. * i love making noise!*
  5. Freshly dryed towels.
  6. Pizza. *pizza hut rocks!*
  7. Having my nephews actually call me "aunt".
  8. Relaxin in the sun by the pool with a cold Coors light in my hand.
  9. A hole in one in miniature golf. *yeah, I like it*
  10. Dancing. *almost any kind. *
  11. Being able to crack my back when it hurts. *i have scoliosis and my back hurts some days and it feels really good to crack it*
  12. My animals meeting me at the door when I get home from work.
  13. My boyfriend being home when I get there.
  14. Getting paid and actually having some money for myself *that hasn't happened in a while, but I'm working on it*
  15. A cool shower after I've worked out in the sun all day.
  16. Having my nails and toes done. *even though I can do them myself, it's nice to be pampered every now and then*
  17. Anything with Tigger on it.
  18. Football season. *Cowboys #1...then the Ravens*
  19. Watching movies and eating popcorn on my couch.
  20. Hangin out with my bro and his friends. *they crack me up*

hmmm... I guess I could write more, but this post is damn near long enough. so toot toot kiddies....

Semper Fi

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August 02, 2004


*geesh* where did the summer go? Of course, it really doesn't matter to us workin folks. The kiddies are the only ones who really enjoy summer! School will be starting again in a couple of weeks. *hehehe* singing "It's the most wonderful time of the year!" remember that commercial? hahaha, funny. The shore was great this weekend. We had a really good time. The weather a great. It rained Sunday, but we were leaving anyways *smile* I can't wait to go back down. I love it down there. anywho....not much else going on right now. i'll post tomorrow when my brain is functioning. *hehehe* Semper Fi
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It's August already....

oh for the love of pete! blogger just erased my post... *gggrrr* and I'm just too lazy today to retype it. *Sigh* oh well, i'll try again tomorrow....til then kiddies Semper Fi
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