July 29, 2004

It's FRIDAY!!!

At least for me it is! *hehehe* I'm off work tomorrow and headin down the shore tonight. I swear I have never been more excited to go down the shore than I am right now. I'm going down with my boyfriend *whom I am totally smitten with* and my best friend and her man. How cool is that? a three day weekend with friends? layin out in the sun and all that? *smile* *EEEEEE* screeching... i know how very child like, but that's how I feel right now. Like a little kid waiting for christmas!!! I'd love to leave now, but I can't! *gggrrrr* i have to at least wait until 3 o'clock. *sigh* I can see that i'm going to have to find father time and grab him by the beard cuz his ass is just taking too damn long today!!! so, i'm off to find father time! have a good weekend kiddies! i know i will! *wink* Semper Fi
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July 28, 2004

Hump day has arrived!

It slipped in quietly this morning and is now almost over. How about that? and tomorrow is technically my Friday cuz, I'm off on Friday. Headin down the shore again *woohoo* with my man. *smile* I'm excited! i can't wait. So..tomorrow is going to drag by. I can see me grabbing Father time by his damn beard and draggin him to 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon!! !*smile* well, kiddies, I'm actually almost outta here today...so take care til tomorrow! Semper Fi
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July 27, 2004

Almost hump day....hmmm

For those of you who have not read my archives, I started this blog so that I could keep in touch with my cousin who is currently serving in Iraq. *hence the "God's speed home D-Dawg" in the title* Unfortunately, I do not believe he has had that much internet access because of his job. I have sent him a couple of emails, but alas, no response.  He should be home the beginning of September barring any obstacles.  So, now this is basically just a place for me to keep my daily thoughts, rants, etc.  I do however have some daily reads which are blogs from those brave troops "over there."  I love reading them because they tell us the truth. Currently Sgt. Hook is deployed. Drop on over there and read up! That's an order soldier! *hehehe*

anything exciting happening today? oh yeah! I'm heading back to dance class tonight for the first time in about 2 years *YIKES!* I'm probably going to be sore as shite tomorrow.  but it'll be great to see some people that I haven't danced with in a while. I have missed dancing something fierce. I can't wait actually! it's a great stress relief.  Whatever drama, problems, etc. that I have going on in my life I drop at the door to the studio. And for that hour and a half, the world outside does not exist. it's great. It's only me and the music. *and the steps of course!!* so, I'll let ya'll know how that goes tomorrow.

Can I just say I have a complex? with my body. *geesh* everyone tells me that I'm not fat, but they don't see me naked now do they? even in a bathing suit I wish I was just a little skinner. I know I need to tone and I think that is my main problem.  Maybe dancing will help with that. But I think I also need to start using the damn excersise ball that I bought for the sole purpose of helping to do crunches. * kicking self in arse to get motivated* I'm truly motivated now though. I look around at some of the women out there wearing some things that they truly should not be wearing and wonder? are they THAT comfortable with themselves?  At this point, I am SO not showing the belly even though it's a little pooch around the lower abs.  but watch out once I tone up! *grin* okay enough about my complexes..... gotta get some work done...
til next time kiddies!
Semper Fi

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July 26, 2004

Monday, Monday

I'm sittin here at work chillin...listening to lite 101.9.  They play good music. I'm listening to "Emotions" by Destiny's Child (remake of the Bee Gees).  Kiddies, I've decided it's time to step up to the plate and make a damn choice of what I want to do with my life.  I'm going to apply for a county fire department. I will primarily function as an EMT *which I've done before* but I will also be cross trained as a firefighter... let's run down the list of things I like and do not like about this.. (prepare yourself!) :)
  1. I'm a little nervouse about the whole firefighter thing, although I'm getting used to it. I'm afraid of heights and claustrophobic. *hmm*
  2. Way better money than what I'm making now
  3. 24 hours on and 48 hours off...so basically I would be working 8 days a month. *sweet!!*
  4. I'd have to go back to working holidays *yuck*
  5. I'd get to drive the ambo.. and I love driving.
  6. Or I could possibly drive the engine and get a bonus for doing it.
  7. My friend is applying also, so we would go through recruit class together.
  8. The job is more suited to me because I'd rather be doing something than sitting behind a desk
  9. They *the county* would pay *eventually* for me to become a Paramedic. Then, if I wanted, they have bridge classes which help you from a Paramedic to a nurse.
  10. I'd have a job I could be proud of.

I think those are enough reasons.  What do ya'll think? I'm open to suggestions... *smile*  I'll check back later kiddies to see if anyone left me a message...toot toot

Semper Fi
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July 23, 2004

OC here I come!

Yes kiddies! I am heading down the shore this weekend....no drama *sigh*  with my boyfriend...it's going to be great. I can't wait! *eeeee* (screaming like a little girl) I know, screaming like a little girl is not very becoming, but hey, i'm very smitten. *betcha ain't heard that word in a while?*  needless to say, I believe him to be a "winner". I could go on and on and on about what i like about him, but then I'd just bore you all to tears. So....that's that on that subject. :)

Yet again the Drama Queen has brought up an interesting subject *if I keep stealing her stuff, she's going to beat me over the head with a stick*
hehehe....anywhoo....remember being a kid? i do.... i grew up in the city...so i'm sure some of our games were different from those country folks *hehehe* so here's a little list of my favorite memories, games, etc. from childhood.

  1. Playing catch with all my friends, running in and out of parked cars. *not very smart, but hey, who said kids were smart?*
  2. Sittin on someone's steps chillin' and bullshittin' about nothin.
  3. Playin football in the street after it snowed. *i lived on a small street so the plow could never get down my street. And if it snowed a lot, the street was pretty well covered.*
  4. Riding our bikes up and down the block (because we weren't allowed off the block!)pretending we were running away or going on a road trip.*around 7 or 8 years old*
  5. Roller skating on the sidewalk and having races..
  6. Chillin' on someone's steps listenin to the radio.
  7. Friday and Saturday nights looked like block parties because all the adults would be out side sittin around drinkin, relaxin and bullshittin' while the kids ran wild and nobody  yelled that it was too late cuz everybody was out.
  8. Everyone knew everyone. and if I did something wrong, my mother knew about it before I did. :)
  9. Not having to cut grass!!!
  10. Looking for the rare lightening bug during the summer evenings. *we have some but not nearly as many as out in the county*

Ahhh...the good old days. No worries...just fun. No bills, no work. Ever wish you could do it over again? And know what you know now? I do. I wish I could yell "DO OVER!" and repeat my college years. That would e something... well, kiddies, my work here is done for the day. *smile* have an excellent weekend...talk to ya'll monday!

Semper Fi

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July 21, 2004

What would you do?

The Cheese Mistress (http://themonkeyboylovescheese.com) posted this question...What would you do if you won the lottery??? I know what I would do.
  1. Pay off all my bills.
  2. Give money to my mom and dad (and other members of the family.)
  3. Buy a great place on the boardwalk in Ocean City.
  4. Take a vacation to Hawaii, then to Ireland. *opposite ends huh???*
  5. Take a motorcycle class and buy a motorcycle.
  6. Take classes for baking at a culinary school.
  7. Tell my job that they can kiss my arse, I quit!
  8. Open my own bakery.
  9. Buy my mother her very own blue cavalier. (she likes those cars but can't afford two cars so my dad has his truck. I'd put a big a$$ red bow on it before I gave it to her)
  10. Buy a house or condo in someplace warm, ie. Bahamas, Hawaii, Aruba.
  11. Take me and my girls *it's about 5 or 6 of them* on a vacation for a week.
  12. And maybe, just maybe, get a boob job. Not necessarily, I'd have to really think on that one. But I do think I'd get my teeth done....they are not really crooked, they used to be when I was younger, but they straightened out a lot.  I would get the porcelain veneres (I know I spelled that wrong!) I'm very self conscious about them so it would be great for me to be able to smile when I wanted without that hang up. *sigh*

I'd probably donate some to charity. Not sure which one, but one of them. Then I'd invest most of the rest. That way I'll always have some. Wouldn't want to have to go back to work later on in life cuz my dumbarse blew the money away.  Your turn...what would you do?

Semper Fi

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Drama Queen (http://http://dramaqueenchronicles.blogspot.com/) is so right about this. How many times have you seen children, young children, alone and doing things that they shouldn't? I'm always like "WTF? where are this kid's parents ??" Most of the time they are doing things that are bad. I remember a couple months ago, about 4 boys, ages 7-12, where literally throwing rocks at the windows of a house across the street from me. They also tried to break down the door. My aunt lives next door to where they were busting the windows out. She told them to stop and they got mouthy. Come on now...do people not teach kids today about respect for elders? I would've gotten my teeth knocked out for talking to a neighbor the way those kids talked to my aunt. They would've said something to my mother and that would've been it. Dentures for me. When my aunt told them that she called the cops, they lit outta there. But the damage was done. They had busted one window. Well technically two because the windows were double paned.  I wanted to yank one of them up so bad, but then that would've been a whole big ordeal. *sigh* little bastards. This is the reason some people should not be allowed to procreate. Stupidity. Semper Fi
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July 20, 2004

Watch out Lara Croft!

Semper Fi
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July 19, 2004

Monday blues

Actually, today is not bad at all. It rained here yesterday, so unfortunately I didn't work. Which kinda sucked cuz I need the money. but it was good cuz I got to sleep in.  And sleep in with my boyfriend which made it even better. *big cheesy grin* Did I tell ya'll about my horseriding experience in Daytona? I don't think I did. We went twice. The first time was really good. I was nervous cuz I've only rode a horse like, twice, in my life. We took it easy and had a good time with our guide.  The second time, I got the same horse, Dottie, but she wanted no parts of riding that day *smile* It was also thundering *in the distance* so every time she heard that she wanted to break into a trot.  Well, our guide was different that day, it was a guy. He wasn't bad,  but he wasn't as talkative as our female guide, Connie.  So, we're riding along, and our guide decides he wants to trot *or canter, whatever, at least it was galloping*. Well, he took off, then the other two horses went. Well, my horse saw them and off she went. I grabbed the sadle for dear life. *LOL* I swear I wish I could have had a picture of my sorry a$$ on that horse. *hehehe* Just picturing me holding both hands on the pommel bouncin around like that makes my laugh. That was the epitomy of a city girl way out of her league. *hahaha*I couldn't get her to stop fast enough. *smile* it was fun though, a little scary but fun. I'd like to do it again. Maybe my brother's friend will let me ride again. He has his own horses. I'll have to ask him. *smile* So, that's my story for today kiddies. I hope you guys and gals can picture that, cuz if you can, you should be laughin. talk to you kiddies later!
Semper Fi

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July 16, 2004


It doesn't seem to matter that it's Friday for me... cuz of course I'll be working all weekend. Hey, but I can't complain cuz it's money. *moolah* hehehe* Here's a list of the top 5 things I liked about Daytona.
  1. It's warm. *not humid*
  2. There are tons of motorcycles cruisin the streets.
  3. There always seems to be something happening.
  4. Outback and TGI Friday's are in the same shopping center *hehehe*
  5. They have tons of neat little gift shops all along A1A.

Kinda corny, but hey, it's my blog. I can write what I want *neener, neener* hehehe* well, I'm heading to lunch. I'll try to post again later. TOODLES..

One Semper Fi
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July 15, 2004

Another day another dollar

howdy kiddies! i've been having major computer issues here at work. then I called out yesterday. Damn sinus headaches. Felt like I got beat down with a stick! LOL....computer is okay for now. They are supposed to bring me another one. *smile* I'm hoping they do. anywho..got major work to catch up on. I'll write again later! One Semper Fi
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July 12, 2004


hey there kiddies! I'm sorry that I haven't posted a lot since my return, but that damn new job has kept me busy. I've recently acquired the lovely job of typing all the policies/procedures for the Nursing Department. *not always typing from scratch, but making updates and such too* So, needless to say that's kept me busy. My vacation we nice, but just not long enough. Plus to top it off, I didn't calculate my vacation time correctly *smacking self in forehead* so now I'm going to be like 8 hours short on this upcoming pay, which SUCKS. My rent is due. *sigh* Plus, I wanted to go to King's Dominion this weekend. I don't see that happening. *Smile* Although because I'm part of the credit union here at work, we can get really good discount tickets. I guess I'll see. I liked Daytona Beach and I could really see myself living there. But I dont' think I could move that far from my family. The race was fun, except for the hour and a half that I spent in the pouring rain. Yup, pouring. It wouldn't have been bad if it drizzled or just a lite rain. Oh no. Not for me. Downpours!! I looked like a drowned rat!! *of course, so did everyone else* But that's not the point. By the time is stopped and we walked to our seats, I was shivering. How can you shiver in Florida??? Come on now! what is up with that? that's not normal! I took like 6 rolls of film. I just have to get them developed. Well, this is a long enough post for now. I'll tyr to write again later. toodles One Semper Fi
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July 08, 2004

HOLA kiddies

I've actually been back since Sunday, but today is the first day I've gotten to post. It seems I've been given a new job when I was away. *sigh* not fun. so, I've been pretty busy. I will post more later or tomorrow, depending on what I get done. Just wanted to let the spider and mouse know that I have not forgotten about them. OH, and the race was awesome! One Semper Fi
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