June 28, 2004

This is it..

My last couple hours at work before vacation. And you know what? I haven't packed a stitch of clothing or anything!! I've been SO busy this weekend. My boss from my partime job called me and I worked Saturday night and Sunday. Which was good cuz it gave me money to get stuff at Walmart last night. I won't be able to post this week. So, expect to hear from me next Tuesday. This will be my longest stretch without posting since I started this blog. Thanks to those of you who have visited and boosted my visitors to over 400. take care and I'll hit ya'll back in week. Behave yourselves kiddies!!! One Semper Fi
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June 26, 2004

It's late....

Good morning or night....i'm confused right now. I came in to work tonight at 7 (6/25) and got asked to stay until 3am (6/26). Okay, so I hit the crack pipe before I came to work. That's the only thing that I can think of. *smile* Seriously, I've been up since about 7 this morning...so by the time I get home and get to bed...almost 24 hours..and I've work 12 (almost 13) days straight. I'm telling you. I NEED that vacation now. It's only the weekend separating me from the sun, sand and fun! I've got so much to do that hopefully the weekend will fly by. I'm telling you, it had better. *hehehe* I miss my surrogate son. *smile* he's in the mountians with his cousin right now. I haven't seen him since Memorial day weekend. I'm going to get him when I get home on the 4th. And I'm going to take him to OC at the end of July. He's pretty excited. *if your wondering who the hell is she talking about? read somewhere in the previous post. I explain it* well kiddies... let me get off here so I can do some work before my coworker shoots me :). I'll try to post on Monday or something. Toodles.... One Semper Fi
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June 25, 2004

Dancin in the streets!!!

oh yeah, oh yeah *doing the runnin man!* it's FRRRIIIDDAAAYYY!!!! *cartwheel for good measure!* I am so FREAKIN excited! I mean, come on, wouldn't you be if you had been waiting for vacation for almost a year??? yeah, I thought so. I have SO much to do this weekend it's not even funny! Let's see...Hopefully I'll be working my part time job. So that's during the day Sat and Sun. I HAVE to wash my car. The sap is crusted on it! *yuck* I have to do laundry and pack. I also have to finish my sticks. *I string lacrosse stick heads as another part time job* I want to do my nails and toenails at some time this weekend. I have to give my damn dog a bath. *sigh* Plus I want to go over my aunt's so I can burn a couple mix cds to take with me on vacation. sooo...oh, plus I need to go to Walmart. GEEZ~~ I don't know if there is enough time this weekend to do everything that needs to be done. But I guess I'll have to make time. well, let me get the crap on my desk cleaned off so I don't have to worry about anything getting done while I'm gone. I'll post again before I leave...behave yourselves kiddies.
Semper Fi

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June 24, 2004


Ove 400 Visits!!! Who woulda thunk it?? *hehehe* Today should go pretty fast cuz I have pool tonight. I shoot pool on a league two nights a week. I'm pretty average I think. I'm rated a 4 out of a 7. (with 7 being the highest rank you can have). I like pool and I'm very competitive. Especially with men, cuz they just think that they are so great. I love the look on their face when I wax that a$$!!! *HEHEHE* they just look dumbfounded or better yet, they get really pissed off. Even when I'm just out playing at a bar or something, I'm still very competitive. Every guy that I've ever dated told me I took it too serious. Sometimes yes, but not all the time. Oh well, you can't handle the fact that I can kick your ass in pool, then get to stepping. :) Then I know that tomorrow is going to drag ass. *sigh* Not much I can do to speed up Father Time, short of prodding him with a stick. I'll try to post again later....behave kiddies! One Semper Fi
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June 23, 2004

Father Time...

Does it never fail that Father Time plays with us when we are waiting for something? Usually it would be Thursday already!!! *hehehe* but NOOOOO..it's only Wednesday. I knew this week would drag by. But at least it's moving some. I will actually be excited just because i've been working for 2 weeks straight and this weekend I will be off! *woohooo* I'm going to get some crabs this weekend. YUMMY!! and of course, I'll be packing!!! already have my list!!! i'll post more later...got some work to do! One Semper Fi
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June 22, 2004

It's the final countdown!!

yes kiddies, 6 DAYS! and then i'm off on vacation. *doin the carlton* I'm sorry I haven't posted, but my computer has been giving me a fit lately. I don't understand it, but oh well. And it's official. Summer has arrived. I love the first day of summer. Especially as a kid...I loved hearing those words. *although technically, summers half over!* Today is my nephew's birthday. He's 15. *damn, I'm getting old!* He's on vacation with my aunt *his great aunt* down Ocean City. I wish I was down there. I love Ocean City. More so in the winter time cuz it's less people. *hehehe* I like the summertime too, but it's just too many people. And all those cars? I usually have a migraine by the time I reach the inlet. *deep breaths*anywhoo... I have some work to do. * I know, contain your amazement!* :) later gator! One Semper Fi
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June 18, 2004

11 days and counting...

Do you smell it people? Sand, sun and lotion? *sniffing the air* I smell it, it's faint, but it's there. I love the smell of the beach... I can't wait. We're going to rent jet skis. I love jet skis. I'm pretty good on them actually. It makes me think about getting my motorcycles license. I'm going to sign up for a class soon. It's only a hundred dollars so why not?? Then i"ll have to look into getting a motorcycle. Probably a used one for right now. But something that if I do wreck, i won't be horribly upset if the bike is totaled. But I'm going to try like the dickens not to let that happen. Anyways...back to Daytona. I didn't know that Key West was like, 10 hours from there! man...I would really love to go see Jimmy Buffett's bar. *sigh* that would be awesome. But we're only there for about 4 days so it won't be worth it to drive 10 hours.... walt disney world is only an hour away though! I havent' been there since i was 7!!! that would be cool. but the damn prices are so expensive. I'll check into it. well, peeps, I'm working all weekend. *money* so i'll hit ya'll on monday... or maybe this weekend if i get the time..

Semper Fi

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June 17, 2004

One week down....

I've got one week down and one to go! It was so busy around this joint yesterday. I had a three hour meeting. 3 HOURS! and all I get to do at this meeting is take minutes. *grr* It's the most boring 3 hours of my life. It's like slow torture. I spend most of the time struggling not to fall asleep! You should see my notes. Kinda reminds me of high school when I would fall asleep in class. It starts off alright, but it's chicken scratch *if that!* by the end of the sentence. If I even get that far. The sentence has curved down or up. *hahaha* try reading that after class to study!!! Speaking of high school, my 10 year reunion is this year. Has it really been 10 years? *geez* It seems like only yesterday I was a senior and thought it was the best time. It was. How many people can say that they wish they could go back to high school?? I loved high school. I went to an all girl Catholic high school. I didn't have to worry about what I wore in the morning...or fix my hair if i didn't want to or even put on makeup!! There were cliques *come on, every place has them* but it didn't have anything to do with what you were wearing!!!*hehehe* cuz we all wore the same thing. Even though they were cliques, we all pretty much got along. It was great. I have fond memories of high school. *smile* well, peeps, i've got some work to do. so maybe i'll hit ya'll back later! One Semper Fi
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June 15, 2004

Two Weeks!!

Two weeks from today and I'm outta here! I can't wait. I didn't post yesterday cuz I felt like shite. *smile* feel much better today though! It musta been something I ate....*yuck* let's hope I'm not getting sick. noooo... Go on over and congratulate my friend Mike at http://myramblings531976.blogspot.com. (still can't get the damn link thing to work!!!) anywhoo...get to it! One Semper Fi
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June 13, 2004

The Long Haul

Well, kiddies, it starts today. 2 weeks of non stop work. *sigh* the only thing I can think of is money. This money will be for my vacation. Which so happens to be in 16 days!!! I'm so freakin excited. I'm working in the ER today. *fun* It's interesting to say the least. I'm sure something will happen today to really irk my nerves, so i"ll probably post again later. Or just post it tomorrow, depending on how busy it is. I'm working for 8 hours today. (think money, money money) but it's almost halfway over. *Smile* so, have a good day and behave yourselves while I'm away...*smile* One Semper Fi
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June 11, 2004


It's not even a downpour. Just a heavy misting. What the hell? I guess Mother Nature can't make up her mind today. It's kinda like the spray at Kings Dominion *or any other amusement park* that they have throughtout the park for you to cool off when it's really hot. That's what the rain feels like. Oh, except the fact that it's only about 68 DEGREES. So it's chilly out after being in the 90's just a day ago! Geez...get used to it being hot *and humid* then it changes. Oh and by the way (cuz it's my blog! :)) I only have 17 more days til I go to Daytona *WOOHOO* One Semper Fi
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June 10, 2004


Like u don't know what day it is. Of course, if you're having a S L O W day like me, you might not. It's going to be a long day too at this rate. It was HOT yesterday. *yuck* and summer hasn't even officillly started yet. One Semper Fi
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June 09, 2004

Some like it hot....

Oh yeah...today is going to be HOT people. We have a Heat Advisory. It's going to feel like it's about 100 cuz of the humidity. *Yuck!* I hate walking out of the building and having your breath sucked out of your lungs, cuz it's so FREAKIN hot!! today is a day to spend by the pool. Definitely....too bad I'm working right now. This evening is a different story!!! I'm cutting outta work early today. gotta see a man about a unicorn.. *smile* so i'll write tomorrow!! One Semper Fi
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June 08, 2004


Well, this one won't be too long either. Somehow, even though I don't work downstairs anymore, I've gotten roped into this freakin Disaster Drill. *sigh* this SUCKS! I get to go register people at one o'clock for their shots. bite me... i swear if this ever really happens, i am SO getting the hell outta dodge. *smile* if I'm not stuck doing this shite all day, I'll post later. til then, take cover! *lol* One Semper Fi
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June 07, 2004

21 days and counting...

Yuppers kiddies! 21 days til I get to go to Daytona. Should be a blast. I'm looking forward to going. vrroom vrromm...NASCAR. gotta luv it! *smile* I really don't have too much to vent about today. *go figure!* But wait until after we have the disaster drill at the hospital today. I'm sure then i'll have plenty to talk about *lol* One Semper Fi
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June 04, 2004


yuppers, it's Friday again. I have my 15 year old nephew here with me shadowing me for the day. He's bored to tears. He said "basically, all you do is walk around all day?" ha ha. little turd. anywhos, it's almost time for me to head out. have a good weekend kiddies~~ One Semper Fi
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June 03, 2004


What's shakin bacon? Not much here in Maryland. Same shite different day, know what i'm sayin? Looking forward to tomorrow...it's Friday and I get to leave early. It's only to go to the dentist, but it's still not being here. (WOOHOO!) And I think everybody can agree with me on the that! (can I get an amen?) Yeah, and on Monday I get to leave a little early too! I fell (rollerskating - and no i was not drunk!) about a month ago at my nephew's bday party. My nephew actually tripped me... but that's besides the point. I never got it looked at cuz it didn't swell up or anything. Well, now, of course it freakin hurts like the dickens. So I get to go to the doctor's on Monday to have xrays taken. *joy, joy* But it's got to be done! At least I didn't go to the Emergency room! you wouldn't believe some of the people that come into an emergency room. Especially in the city. We get ALL kinds. And I do mean all kinds. I could go on and on and on about the people that we see. *whew* funny, weird, crazy....but that's a blog for another day. I've got some work to do *yikes* work... where the hell did that come from? Who let it in the back door? One of you kiddies needs a time out! LOL take care, til tomorrow One Semper Fi
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June 02, 2004

HIYA Kiddies!

How was everyone's weekend? I was kinda busy yesterday with shite *work* so I couldn't post. Plus my computer has been PMSing. Hey and look at that... 210 visitors! i know that may not be a lot to some people, but to me that's pretty freakin nifty. That pic of me is a little old, but my auntie is sending me some pics from this weekend, so I should be able to post them tomorrow. I've actually got more work to do, so I'll get to it... but in the meantime.. here are some things to say when stressed....1."okay, okay! I take it back! Unf*ck you!"....2.."You say I'm a bitch like it's a bad thing."....3.."Don't bother me, I"m living happily ever after"...4.."Do I look like a freakin people person?"....5..Do they ever shut up on your planet? ....6. Back off! Your standing in my aura!....7..Wait, I'm trying to imagine you with a personality....8..Earth is full. Go home....9..Chaos,panic and disorder...my work here is done. AND MY FAVORITE>> A hard-on does not count as personal growth...hehehe. til next time kiddies One Semper Fi
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