May 29, 2004


I know what you're thinking "she's posting on a saturday?" Yes, I got access to the net via my auntie's computer. Isn't that nice of her? *grin* Picked up the surogate son*smile* he's being a pain in the a$$ as usual. *hehehe* but a good pain. He's funny. anywho...we just ordered food and it's here. I swear Niko's is the QUICKEST delivery sub shop ever. 15 minutes TOPS. Wow.. I don't know how they do it. *smile* anywho, i'm jetting, it's chow time. Til next time, have a great holiday weekend! One Semper Fi
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May 28, 2004

Let the countdown begin!

Yes indeedy friends... 35 minutes til the weekend kicks off. *at least for me anyways!* Unfortunately I won't be working tomorrow which freakin sucks! but I will be working Sunday. And it's a big job, so hopefully I'll make some money. *cheesy smile* I guess I'll be going to the wedding tomorrow after all. *sigh* I swear that's a far drive for a wedding. Damn them. It wouldn't be so bad if they were having it early in the day, but NO they have to have it start at 4...*ggrrr*'s all good. I can clean my house tomorrow. I hate cleaning. I wish I could afford a maid service. I'm that lazy yes. *grin* not really, but I never seem to have time or when I do finally have time, I don't want to clean. I want to sit and relax. Suck it up girl! Pretty nifty about the photo isn't it? *grin* didn't know we could do that. I'll make sure to post some new pics when i get them. Well,peeps, have a good weekend and stay safe. D-Dawg, I luv u dawg!! keep your head down and come home soon.... One Semper Fi
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What'da ya say? It's me!!! 

What'da ya say? It's me!!! Posted by Hello
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The weekend has arrived...

well, not quite. That won't start until 4 when I get off. And hopefully I'll be going to my part time job later on. *SMILE* I can really use the money.'s Memorial Day weekend. I'm working. And I have a wedding to go to tomorrow. It's about 2 hours away. *Sigh* I'm not looking forward to the drive. then hopefully I'll be working Sunday too.. just until about 12 or so. Then head down my mom's house for a cookout and she bought one of those pools that the rim inflates and then the pool goes up as it fills up. Hey man, whatever will keep me cool and the kiddies happy. My friend D wants me to go out with him Sunday afternoon... but it's all still up in the air. It depends on what time I get done working. And I told my surogate son that I would definitely pick him up on Sunday. I haven't seen him in a couple weeks, so I kinda miss the little brat. *grin* He's 14 and a little smarta$$. But since, his own family doesn't pay too much attention to him, I try to. I'd take him in a heartbeat if I could. Oh well, that's not going to happen. It probably could, if I had the money for a lawyer, cuz his family is that bad. But I don't and if I tried anything without a lawyer and it didn't work, they probably wouldn't let me see him again. He already told me he would move with me. I want to move to the eastern shore of Maryland. And hopefully I can do that by the end of the year. We'll see what happens people. well, i've got a little bit of work to do, so i might as well knock it outta the way now. I'll probably post again later.... One Semper Fi
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May 27, 2004

Another day...

One good thing is that I now have electricity. WOOHOO! It was on when I got home yesterday afternoon. What did people do before electricity? It must have really sucked. Anywho...another day another dollar. Got some work to do... but I actually cleaned a lot of stuff off my desk yesterday. *cheesy smile* So, I'm going to finish up some other stuff...toot toot. One Semper Fi
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May 26, 2004

My D-Dawg...

Hey D! like you'll ever read this, but who knows. Your dad came down the other day. He told us what he could about what's going on with you. Keep your head down cuz...come home soon. It's been 3 1/2 months already. Still keeping that beer cold for ya babe. Keep in touch when you can... luv ya cuz! One Semper Fi
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End of the Day...

Know what peeps? Mother Nature is a moody beotch. I forgot to mention in the joyous glow of setting up my links, that I have no electricity. (and no it's not from not paying the bill! :) but the storm we had last night knocked out power. Now get this... r u ready? I live in the city, rowhouses. My aunt lives across the street from me. Almost directly across.. and guess what? She has power. How is that? *oh I know, but i'm venting right now!* Talk about being pissed off last night. Of course no a/c, no freakin fan, no windows open cuz Mother Nature decided to let it rain ALL night. *sigh* So, I had to crash on my cousin's couch. My aunt goes to bed too damn early for me. That shite had better be fixed by the time I get home, but I doubt it. Those bastards can turn your shite off quick when you don't pay, but they take their sweet a$$ time getting it fixed. And of course, all the shite in my refridgerator is no good. Do you think they'd replace that? of course not. Pisses me off. Last year with Isabella, our electricity was out for a WEEK. That's right. You heard me... a f*ckin week. Well, that better not be the case this time. I just might go postal. *sigh* okay, i feel a little better now. I'll update you on the status of my freakin good luck tomorrow... toodles kiddies... One Semper Fi
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*big cheese grin*

I've done it! I can now link to some of my favorite blogs. The ones posted right now are daily reads. It is a morning ritual to read those blogs before I can even attempt to get any work done. And usually I'm disappointed if they haven't posted. So I check back throughout the day to see if they post or not. It is such a relief when they do. Is that strange? well, what are you waiting for? Go check them out!!! One Semper Fi
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May 25, 2004


My two bosses took another secretary and myself out to lunch today. Yummy....but I ate too much. So now I am tired. Really tired. I'd be alright if I could just take a 20/30 minute nap. I think they should introduce those to the workplace. That would be lovely...*yawn* well kiddies, i think that's about it for today. Sorry! :) I promise i'll be more like myself tomorrow.... One Semper Fi
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May 24, 2004

At Last...

Okay... I know I've been promising you kiddies this for a while so here it is...the 5 point office dares. (however this is only a partial list cuz there are like 22 of them!) I'll post the other half later.. here they go....1 At the end of a meeting, suggest that, for once, it would be nice to conclude with the singing of the National Anthem (extra points if you actually launch into it yourself) 2 Walk into a very busy person's office and while they watch you with growing irritation, turn the light switch on and off ten times. 3 For an hour, refer to everyone you speak to as "Bob". 4 Announce to everyone in a meeting that you "really have to go do a number two." 5 After every sentence say "mon" in a really bad Jamacian accent. 6 While an office mate is out, move their chair into the elevator 7 In a meeting, slap your forhead repeatedly and mutter "shut up damn it! all of you just shut up!" 8 At lunchtime, get down on your knees and announce "As God is my witness, I'll never go hungry again." 9 In a colleague's calendar write in 10am "See how I look in tights." 10 Carry your keyboard over to your colleague and ask "You wanna trade?" 11 Repeat the following conversation 10 times to the same person. " Do you hear that?" - "What?" - "Nevermind, it's gone now." to be continued

Semper Fi

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Mornin Kiddies!

*sigh* I wish I could've stayed down the shore. It was awesome. The cars were awesome too. I ate WAY too much Saturday night. We went to an all u can eat buffet. Usually I don't do these, cuz I don't think I'll eat $25 dollars worth of food. Well, I tried Saturday. *uugghh* Big mistake. I didn't even drink any beer. Now that is a shame! Oh, and guess what else yours truly got done this weekend?? I got my belly button repierced. OH yeah! I'm so excited cuz it doesn't even really hurt cuz he used that same hole i had it in before. It's cute, but I can't wait to change the jewlery. gotta wait 3 months for that one.. *Smile* i'll check back again on you kiddies later... behave yourselves!! One Semper Fi
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May 21, 2004

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Semper Fi

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Another week has gone by people's!! and I've had over 100 visitors. How cool is that when I thought only the spider and the mouse in the corner where ever going to read this? Not a lot of comments, but hey, I don't comment on every site i visit either. *smile* i will definitely get the 5 point dares up today. Just have moy importante work to get done. so check back later kiddies for a good laugh....
Semper Fi

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May 20, 2004

It's almost Friday

yes indeedy's almost that time again. And guess what I'm doing this weekend? :) ROAD TRIP!! YIPPEE!! *doin the cabbage patch!!* I'm headin' down the shore hon! It's the annual car show weekend. So it'll be packed with everyone showing off their cars, whether they be new or old. I love old cars. Wouldn't mind having an old mustang. It'll be great to hang out with my brothers and have a good time. Hopefully the weather will be nice. *cross your fingers for me* I'm not sure if I'll get a chance to post again today. I've got a sh*tload of work on my desk. (that damn work fairy!!) so, til next time kiddies... One Semper Fi
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Mornin' Peeps

Yeah, I was kinda busy yesterday, so alas, no post. Not like it was missed or anything. :) I'll try to post the 5 point office dares at some point today. Just wanted to post a little something, something...feel me? One Semper Fi
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May 18, 2004

Take a number...

**BULLETIN** The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has determined that the maximum safe load capacity on my butt is two persons at one time, unless I install handrails or safety straps. As you have arrived sixth in line to ride my ass today, please take a number and wait your turn. Thank You.

Semper Fi

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Rain Rain Go Away...

It's greetings from soggy Maryland today. There are "chances" of rain for the rest of the week. *in layman's terms, it'll be raining everyday* Ever wonder what the hell weathermen get paid for? It's the only job I know of where you can be wrong everyday and still get paid for it. And paid well. *sigh* Did I get into the wrong profession? One Semper Fi
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May 17, 2004

It's Monday again...

Yes, people, it's Monday again. I'm so excited, can't you tell??? No comments...*sigh* oh well. Here is part II of the Office Dare Game...Three point dares... 1. Say to your boss, "I like your style" and shoot him/her with double barreled fingers. 2. Babble incoherently to a fellow co-worker then as "Did you get all that, I don't want to have to repeat it." 3. Page yourself over the intercom and do not disguise your voice. 4. Kneel in front of the water cooler and drink directly from the nozzle. (there must be a non-player in sight.) 5. Shout random numbers while someone is counting. 6. Ask people what sex they are. Laugh hysterically when they answer. 7. Finish all your sentences with "In accordance with the prophecy." 8. Dont ever use puncuation 9. Have your co-workers address you by your wrestling name, Rock Hard.

The 5 point dares are even funnier if you can imagine. I"ll post those tomorrow.
Semper Fi

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May 14, 2004

Office Dare Game (part1)

One-point office dares.... (i take no responsibility for loss of job due to playing this game...or snarfing anything through your nose due to laughing) :) 1. Run one lap around the office at top speed. 2. Groan out loud in the toilet stall (at least one other 'non-player' must be in the toilet at the same time) 3. Ignore the first five people who say "good morning" to you. 4. Phone someone in the office you barely know, leave your name and say "just called to say I can't talk right now. bye." 5. To signal the end of a conversation, clamp your hands over your ears and grimace. 6. When someone hands you a piece of paper, finger it and whisper huskily, "mmmmm...that feels sooo good!" 7. Leave your zippers open for an hour. If anyone points it out say, "I know. I prefer it this way." 8. Walk sideways to the photocopier. 9. While riding the elevator, gasp dramatically every time the doors open. 10. Put your trash bin on your desk and label it "IN". 11. As often as possible, skip rather than walk. *LOL* I have done some of these before. The looks you get are priceless. Just make sure you know how far you can push things in your office. Well, kiddies, it's almost that time. will you miss me? *the spider and mouse* i'm going to have a lovely weekend.

Semper Fi

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It's Friday (doin' the Carlton)

Ever watch the Fresh Prince of Bel Air? With Will Smith? Does anyone remember the way Carlton used to dance? I love that dance*grin* so if i say *doin the carlton* ya'll know what i'm talking about.

I'm so glad it's friday. If i was smart I'd be heading down the shore this weekend. *smile* it's supposed to be nice, but I want to stick around in case I have to work.

Arrrgghh..what am I thinking? work -- shore?? work -- shore? decisions decisions. Let's have a vote shall we. Shall i go to the shore or stay here in case I have to work? *remember, i'm trying to pay bills and I only have 45 days til vacation* come on a sister out....what should I do??? i"ll check back later.....

Semper Fi

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May 13, 2004


Woohoo! *runnin man! runnin man!* You would think I won the lottery or something. I'm just glad I could put a little joy in your life. Thanks for leaving the comment I hope you stop back. I crack myself up usually....*hmmm,(assuming the "thinking man" pose) although I haven't thought of anything to amuse myself in a couple hours* anywhos... I love it when you're at your desk and you think of something funny and you laugh. Then everyone looks at you cause your laughing by yourself? And when you finally look at them, you laugh more cause you realize what they're thinking. Yup, been there, done that. And usually by the time I get myself under control, I have tears coming down my face from laughing so hard at myself. *sigh* Those are good days.... you should try it. I think tomorrow I'll post the office dare game.. talk about FUNNY! *i've actually done some of these things!* but that's for tomorrow... i might post again, but I don't know...maybe, probably, decisions, decisions..... :) One Semper Fi
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25 things about me...

*that you never really wanted to know* but I'm going to tell anyways.. Know why? cuz it's my blog and I want to, so neener neener. :) 1. I love the ocean. 2. I have brown eyes and red hair. 3. I've lived in B-more all my life. 4. I want to travel to Ireland. 5. I love to go swimming. 6. I have a pretty big family. 7. I hate bugs. Period. Any kind, gross. 8. I'm 28 and not afraid to admit it. 9. I wish on stars. 10. I believe in ghosts. 11. I'm afraid of heights, although I ride roller coasters. 12. I was born in the Chinese year of the Dragon. 13. I have two tattoos and I want another one. 14. I'm an Aquarius. 15. I love to dance. 16. I love to watch NASCAR and go to races. *Go JR. and Gordon* 17. My favorite Carebear is Good Luck Bear. 18. My favorite color is forest green. 19. I love Reeses' Peanut Butter Cup sundaes from Friendly's. 20. I love Ocean City on the off season. 21. Fisher's has the best caramel popcorn ever. Period. 22. I almost joined the circus. *as a dancer!* 23. I have a dog named Damon and a cat named Sasha. 24. I have some Iraqi money with Saddam's face. 25. I have a cousin (cuz/cos) deployed in Iraq. (luv ya!)

*whew* did you really want to know any of that? doubtful, but it's there none the less...

Semper Fi

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I'm going to send you out a letter either today or tomorrow. Along with the rest of the letters I have to go out to other troops. Hope you are getting along okay. I can imagine it must be getting hot over there. It's pretty freakin' hot here. i'll send you some squirt guns or something. Waterballoons? let me know...well cuz, keep your head down....luv ya...

Semper Fi

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Yes people, I actually did a lot of work yesterday. :) That's why I didn't post again. Cuz usually I post more than once. I see that some people stopped by, but alas, no comments. *sniff* Anyone see the Six Flags America commercial with the old man dancing? that's funny as hell. *grin* I can't wait to go, but work first. I only have 46 days til I leave for Daytona. WOOHOO! *doin the cabbage patch* well, let me see if I can clear the rest of this stuff off my desk... wish me luck!!

Semper Fi

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May 12, 2004

It's hot... town, summer in the city...i think summer is here already. which sucks cuz I don't want to turn my AC on yet. *aarrgghh* It's going to be almost 90 today, although the humidity isn't that high right now. OH, and to top it all off, those damn cicada's (sp?) are starting to emerge. I HATE bugs! *yuck* I'm not too girlie about most stuff, but bugs is a big one. I'd rather deal with snakes than bugs. Any kind of bugs.....gross. And these things try to fly (but they can't very well) so they end up bouncing off everything, including you! they land in your hair and get tangled up........*shivers* that just freaks me out. I will scream like the girl I am....:) what are you afraid of? One Semper Fi
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May 11, 2004


I never feel like I've had enough. Of course, when I can't fall asleep even though I go to bed early, that really sucks. I could've stayed in bed this morning. *Sigh* sleep, sleep, sleep...And it's going to be humid and hot today...I guess spring is gone...crap. I hate jumping right into summer. I'm poor and don't want to turn my AC on yet. Is that cheap? no...I don't think so. Just making sure that I really need to before I do. cuz i'm not going to turn it on, then turn it off... etc. so, we'll see. Leave me a comment....please? One Semper Fi
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May 10, 2004

Monday's almost over!

I'm so happy Monday is almost over. It's the first hurdle of the week and I've made it. WOOHOO! what'da ya say, what'da ya know??? Leave me a comment and let me know whatcha think of the new layout and colors and . . . stuff. I'm looking forward to read all the letters...

Semper Fi

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I got it to work again.. what do you think of the new layout? I'm excited. It's pretty cool...leave me a comment and let me know what you think....

Semper Fi

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I'm really digging the new layout on blogger. And now they supposedly have comments, well, I'm writing this to see if they show up. If not it's back to commentthis! we'll see One Semper Fi
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No post on Friday cuz my life was just CRAZY! it's calmed down some since the weekend. I worked all weekend *of course.* I went to the malll yesterday to pick up a gift for my mom. I almost ended up in the hospital with a concussion. I opend my car door and got out. I went to pull my pant legs down, WHACK! Cracked my forehead on the door. And of course it was the very point of the door that I whacked my head on. So, I had to walk around the mall with a lump on my forehead. It's still there today, but not as noticeable. I saw stars people!!!whew.....that shite hurt. I have mucho work to do.. so I'll post later on again... One Semper Fi
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May 06, 2004

End of the day....

*sigh* it's near abouts that time. And tomorrow is Friday and payday. Of course I won't actually see any of my pay cuz my rent is due... insurance, car payment.. *ggrrr* I need more money.... anyone want to donate? :) Syke...just kidding....does anyone else remember saying that? "Syke!!!" oh my.. i'm showing my age....of course, you're always welcome to leave a comment and let me know if you remember!!! One Semper Fi
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Still Gone...

Well, no one has found it for me. SO I guess it's up to me. I'm getting warmer though, I can feel it. It's got to be around here somewehere!!! *looking under desk* Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most......ain't that the truth?

Semper Fi

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May 05, 2004

I've completely lost it....

I only had a little bit to begin with, but now it is completely gone. All day I've been looking for it, but it's not working. Have you seen it? Please leave me a comment and let me know. I know it's around here somewhere. I didn't lose it that long ago...oh, what did I lose? My mind......tomorrow is another day.

Semper Fi

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Hump Day

Woohoo! It's hump day! one day closer to the weekend. But alas, I have to work again. it's okay though. I always work the weekend. It doesn't matter too much. *smile* Anyone have any happenin plans for the weekend? come on! you can tell me...leave a comment. plz???? i'll check back later....

Semper Fi

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May 04, 2004

End of the Day

This day didn't drag as much as I thought it would. What'da ya say, what'da ya know?? I get to go to the dentist tonight! *do you hear the sarcasm?* It's a necessary evil, but got to keep the teeth clean. soo....grin and bear it baby!!!

D-Dawg...what's up? r u ignoring me? you emailed Header..but not me *sniff* what's up with that? I guess you'll get around to me eventually. AND you even called her!! *grrrr* that kinda sucks, but oh well. I'm going to keep writing to you anyways....keep your head down....luv ya cuz!
Semper Fi

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I'm depressed. I can't even go into why cuz that'll just depress me more. *sigh* I did something extremely STUPID this weekend. *Sigh* it's even pretty stupid for me. I can't change things, so I can only pick up the pieces and move on. so...that's what I'm trying to do. any advice? I could use some right now.....

Semper Fi

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Crappy Day

This week is going to be a doozy. I can tell. How, you say? Do I have ESP? Psychic abilities perhaps? No, unfortunately. But when your Monday starts off raining.... then you get in your car, turn the key and hear....nothing. That's right. Nothing. I just had to hang my head. I knew that week would just turn out great. Maybe I can change it around... who knows? let's hope so, cuz other wise I'll have to find new hiding spots for the bodies.

Semper Fi

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Part of your world

I'm Ariel!
Which Disney Princess are you?

Semper Fi

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