April 29, 2005

just cuz i need some...

I borrowed this idea from Uptown Girl ...*actually stole is more like it. You may not enjoy his acting and you may not even like him as a wrestler....but damn, you must be dead if you can't enjoy the way this man looks....yum yum....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

His wife is one lucky woman.....

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April 28, 2005

5 Questions...

Joan over at Seven Inches asked me to answer these... *thanks girlie*

Okay, here you are...
Let me know when you get your answers up and I'll link to it.

5 Questions:

1. If you were given the option of living to be one hundred years old but would never be able to have sex again from here on out, would you take it? Or would you rather live to be fifty years old and have an incredible sex life until the day you die? Why?

I'd definitely take the sex. I don't see the point of living that long without being able to be intimate with the one you love.

2. If you suddenly found out that the person you love was dying, and the only way to save them was to betray every spiritual belief you have, would you save them?

Yes. Without a doubt.

3. What is the one thing you would never forgive the person you love for doing/saying? Why? (And you can't say, "nothing"...everybody has something.)

hmm...I could never forgive them if they cheated on me. It's hard for me to trust now because of the relationship I was in before...I'm trying. So if that happened, I would never be able to trust that person again.
4. If there was a soundtrack to your life, what would be the theme song?
that's a tough one. I think it would be Skid row "I remember you".

5. What do you hope to accomplish with your blog? Is there a particular reason you decided to rip yourself open for the amusement of others on a daily basis?

LOL...when I first started my blog...actually my first anniversary just passed!... it was to keep my cousin up to date on things while he was in Iraq. But since he never checked the damn thing anyways.. I just started it to vent or whatever. It's been about a year now and I still do it just for me. so thanks to the couple readers i have and the few commenters...i'm still here.


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still can't see me....

well, my neice gets to go home today! *woohoo* i'm glad. what else? not much has been going on recently. Working a lot. I finally quit that peice of shite job that I had. I now have a part time job stripping parking lots. Ya know that stalls that you park in? crosswalks, arrows, etc. It's fun and I like it so it's not like work. And the money is GOOD. I get to be outside. so, it's all good. I actually made enough from working my part time job this week to cover my car payment. In 4 DAYS! take that....hehehehe....nothing else happening right now. anyone ever tried the vitamin B drops to lose weight? I'm wondering if they really work. another plus to them is that they are supposed to give you energy. I could definitely do with some of that. any comments would be helpful....spank you very much TOOT TOOT
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April 26, 2005

Here she is....

here is my princess. my neice. she was born 4/25/05. She weighs 6.14 and was 19 inches long. She has an infection right now, but she's on antibiotics. So, hopefully she will be able to go home tomorrow.....Brianna Prema Abell

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April 20, 2005


this week is pretty shitty. With my boyfriend's mom passing away and then to top it ALL off, I didn't get the job I wanted. It would've been a big promotion. Fuckers...sorry pieces of shit. I'm doing payroll for that department and they treat me like this? fuck you, I'm doing this shit as a favor. so you know what you can do? take this payroll information and shove it straight up your ass. the same with this job. If I find out that my current boss had anything to do with me not getting that job, I will file a grievance, cuz that shit is just not right. And i know i'm cussing an awful lot, but you know what? I don't give a fuzzy rat's ass. It's my blog and right now I want to fucking cuss. and if you don't like it, fuck you too and don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya. *deep breath* anywho...thanks to Uptown Girl, I got a little pick me up... and who can't use a fine specimen of a man to make their day a little brighter, huh???
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April 15, 2005

is it 4:30 yet?

well peeps, it's almost that time! I can't wait to get the hell outta here. I will be gone til Tuesday, but I'll post to say whether or not I got the job I was applying for. My last day at my part time job is tomorrow. WOOHOO! i can't wait. well, that's about it for now... i'm tired and I want to sleep so... there...have a good weekend. TOOT TOOT
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April 14, 2005

Ashes to ashes...

My boyfriends mom passed away this morning. We weren't close, but I feel for him. He has lost his mother and I know if the tables were reversed, I would be unconsolable. Rest in Peace Meemaw

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April 13, 2005

still can't read this...

sorry about the slow posting. been busy busy busy over here. I'm applying for a new job.. still in the hospital but a WAY better position. Iv'e already interviewed for it, so now it's the wait and see game. Send some good luck my way!!! other than that.. I'm THIS *holding fingers really close together* close to getting my distribution kit for Slumber parties. I'm excited and scared all at the same time. First I'm excited because, if I work at it, I can make some good money. I'm scared because what if I'm not any good. I think I will be though, cuz i'm not shy when it comes to talking about toys. also, I enjoy the products, so what better way to sell something than if your also a customer??? so that's basically what's been going on with me. what's been going on in your neck of the woods? come on! delurk and leave me a comment damn you!!! *LOL* TOOT TOOT
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April 08, 2005

This is kinda a morbid

This is kinda a morbid post, but whatthefuckever....it's my blog. I love this song and when it's my time to go... this better be played at my viewing *although, the casket will be closed. period. I want people to remember me for who I was, not how I was laying in the damn casket. and I want to be cremated, so no funeral. Just go out after, have a couple beers and share some stories of my stupid ass*

If Heaven was an hour, it would be twilight,
When the fireflies start their dancin' on the lawn;
An' supper's on the stove and Mamma's laughin',
And everybody’s workin' day is done.

If Heaven was a town, it would be my town, Oh, on a summer day in 1985. An' everything I wanted was out there waitin', And everyone I loved was still alive.
Don't cry a tear for me, now, baby; There comes a time we all must say goodbye. And if that's what Heaven's made of, You know, I, I ain't afraid to die.
If Heaven was a pie, it would be cherry, So cool and sweet, heavy on the tongue. And just one bite would satisfy your hunger, And there'd always be enough for everyone.
If Heaven was a train, it sure would be a fast one, That could take this weary traveler around the bend. If Heaven was a tear, it'd be my last one, An' you'd be in my arms again.
Don't cry a tear for me, now, baby; There comes a time we all must say goodbye. And if that's what Heaven's made of, You know, I, I ain't afraid to die.
Yeah, if that's what Heaven's made of, You know, I, I ain't afraid to die. By Andy Griggs
Click here to hear the song....Andy Griggs the check out the full length video!!!
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April 05, 2005

just something I swiped....

from the Cheesemistress...

tom boy result

What kind of little girl were YOU?
brought to you by Quizilla


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Spring is in the air...

ahh...today is supposed to be another gorgeous day! *sigh* I do believe that the O's won yesterday, but don't hold me to it. I was like busy and stuff... it's called work. So I couldn't watch the game. My b/f's mom had her toes amputated on Sunday and was doing well. However, yesterday her blood pressure dropped again. I tried calling her granddaughter or hubby and no answer. I'm sure she's okay or they would have called. Still praying for her though...only for my b/f. I guess because I have such a great family *albeit a dysfunctional*LOL* and we do so much together and there is no way in hell that we wouldn't be there for each other...that I find it hard to believe that his family is not like that. I was raised with "Family is the most important thing!" told to me. My family is not perfect, hell no, and anyone who tells you their family is is either in denial or just a flat out liar. But it's MY family. We stick together. We tell you the truth...your being stupid, yes, that outfit does make you look fat, and what the hell happened to your head?? (said to me by my 6 year old nephew when I walked out of the house with my hair down one day. It was windy and it kinda got a little frizzy). But hell far if anyone messes with our family. My aunt has creative ways of dealing with people, let me tell you. *yes Net, I'm talking about you* She has such a twisted mind *in a good way*. My aunt has a way about her... she can tell you to go hell and fuck yourself in the same sentence and you think you hear something COMPLETELY different. We all have pretty short fuses...me included. I can get worked up over pretty much anything, but try to keep it to a minimum. *smile* ANYWHO...family is family and I feel sorry for people who don't have a family like mine.... TOOT TOOT
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April 04, 2005

just as a side note...

i checked the reference pages for this blog..and I'm number one for "how to break into a dodge neon with a coat hanger"...WTF?? don't get it...anywhooss...still no luck with the damn title... *Sigh* bastard* TOOT TOOT
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it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood... *LOL* it's a beautiful day outside today, although a little breezy. A GREAT day for baseball. now, I've never been a big baseball fan, but there are three reasons now why I watch Orioles baseball...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com ROBERTS
Image hosted by Photobucket.com MATOS
and lastly, but certainly not least,
Image hosted by Photobucket.com LOPEZ

**all photos courtesy of the Orioles homepage

AHH.. the look of spring... those tight white pants!!!!!

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April 01, 2005


so I see no one decided to de-lurk... damn you... damn you to fiery pits of hell... oh wait, welcome to my world then!!! seriously though... send your thoughts and prayers please....my boyfriend's mom is in the hospital and it doesn't look good. she has cancer of the lungs...and I'm at work while he's at the hospital.. does that make me a bad person? I just can't take off work. *sigh* i'm heading over there after I get off work... so, have a good weekend everyone... TOOT TOOT
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