March 31, 2005

two things...

according to ASV ('s National Blog Comment week. So stop lurking damn you and for the love of pete (don't worry about who pete is!) COMMENT!!!! now back to your regularly scheduled blogging..
Rest in Peace Terry
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i stumbled across this over at Concrete angel's blog so here it goes:
Accent: don't know. some say I have one, but I don't hear it.
Bra Size: 36C
Chore I hate: putting away clean laundry. I leave that shite in the basket for a couple days...ask my boyfriend
Dad's Name: Fred
Essential make-up: don't wear it on a regular basis
Favorite perfume: Ishi Miyagi *don't know how to spell it!!!*
Gold or Silver: GOLD
Hometown: Baltimore, MD or B-more as it is to us
Interesting Fact: umm...I started taking dance classes again
Job Title: Secretary III
Kids: a dog (Damon) and a cat (Sasha)
Living arrangements: live with boyfriend in 3 bedroom rowhouse *or if the neighborhood was better it would be called a townhouse...go figure
Mom's Birthplace: same as mine
Number of apples eaten in the last week: zip, nada, none
Overnight hospital stays: I was about 7 with Bacterial meningitis
Phobia: really small spaces
Question you ask yourself alot: Why the hell did I drop out of college with one year to go???*kicks self in ass*
Religious affiliciation: Catholic
Siblings: two older brothers
Time I wake up: 7:00am
Unnatural hair color: none, kept my red locks...
Vegetable I refuse to eat: cream of corn *gag*
Worst habit: smoker
X-rays: dental, both ankles (both sprains though), right wrist, think it's carpal tunal
Yummy food I make: any kind of dessert, I'm a good baker
Zodiac sign: Aquarius, I'm a water baby

and in case that damn link doesn't work *which it probably won't* I got this from

toot toot

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spring is coming....

i can feel's in the air. SPRING! we spring forward this weekend and I can't wait. I love it when the sun stays up a little longer. Which also means that my old boss will be getting some work soon! woohoo! i hope soon! i can use the money. so peeps, what's been going on with you all??? anything? come on! SOMEONE, ANYONE, leave me a comment? please? i feel lonely out here. I promise to write more. oh, and just as a side note, since the weather is getting nicer, i have to watch yelling at people now in the car cuz the window will be down. *Sigh* that sucks... TOOT TOOT
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March 24, 2005

what's the use?

i'm such a bad doobie...i know i haven't posted in a while... well, it's not like anyone reads this anyways, so who's going to miss it?? I've been catching up on some reading. I've also joined a little community involving the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan....I even have my own little pic *see below* which is called an avatar. It's pretty slick looking if I do say so myself.'ll be Good Friday tomorrow. And I have to work at my part time job... *sigh* three more pays.. then I'll be able to quit that job. thank on that note, I'm getting the hell outta dodge. oh, wish me luck in pool tonight!!!

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March 18, 2005

you can't read this so why bother???

still cannot figure out how the hell the fucking title fits into the scheme of shit. I email the chic who made the template, but alas I am being ignored. itsn't the first time, sure as hell won't be the last. IS THERE ANYONE? ANYONE? ANYONE? WHO CAN HELP ME FIX THE FUCKING TITLE??? jimney cripkets. i'll keep at it... I'll probably end up stumbling upon the answer my damn self anyways. Did ya'll see my link to Adagio teas? I'm fixin to get the spearmint tea to start.. then take it from there....go give them a visit and see if there's anything there that tickles your fancy... speaking of fancies.. I've got two toy parties. one tonight and one tomorrow night. I'm only helping right now, but i should be close enough to get my kit soon! *woohoo* that's right kiddies.. i will be an adult toy distributer....oh yeah... I just need to make it work for me... well, I'm ready to get the hell outta here. it's a freakin gorgeous day and I am going to go home and wash my car!!! woohoo! and actually clean the damn windows cuz those beotches need it!! so have a good weekend peeps and catch ya on the flip side.... TOOT TOOT
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March 15, 2005

Listen' to New Kids

it's on the radio, so I didn't pick it!!!!I'm still having problems with the title. which I am going to try to rectify today. Blue Eyed Infidel has something interesting to say about commenters. I wouldn't know since I don't get any (except for Lisa and Joan) and that's just rarely. so go check it out well...what are you waiting for? TOOT TOOT
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March 14, 2005

it's monday....

*sigh* another week. great. gotta work tonight at the part time job. I might hit up an old boss of mine. I heard through the grabvine that he wanted me to do some computer work for him. *EVIL GRIN* after his little stint before, I'll do it, but charge him an arm and a leg. I know that I posted about it, just not sure how to link to the damn thing. Maybe if I started working with him again, I could finally get rid of the freakin part time piece of shit I have now. well, I've still got loads of freakin work to do here... so i'll post again when I can. take care kiddies!


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March 09, 2005

title help???anyone?

CAN ANYONE HELP ME FIX THE DAMN TITLE ON THIS SITE???? Sorry about the yelling, but I figured it would get someone's attention. I can't figure it out and dont' have time to. I have SO much work on my desk right now. *Sigh* anywho....leave me a comment if you have some ideas or know how to fix this problem!! or if you just want to say hi.... you know where to go! so for now, that's it. sorry it's so boring... got work to TOOT TOOT
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March 07, 2005


I am now the back up payroll person for the Nursing Office here at the hospital. JOY! *can you hear the sarcasm?* It is horrible. I don't understand how the other woman does it. of course, she's used to it but still. The stupidity that runs amok here is outrageous. I mean, come on, how can you 1.)not remember what floor you worked on and 2.) how to fill out your damn time sheet right?? But then, if you actually punched in and out like a good little doobie, there would be no problems right? right. glad your all with me. so that's what I've been doing all morning. and then this afternoon i am recuperating. I have a major headache *damn sinuses* and it's about 60 freakin degrees outside. WTF? and then it's supposed to be in the 40's tomorrow. I wish Mother Nature would bless us with spring NOW. don't wait til after the 20th. I could use some more days like this now. It's beautiful outside and I can't even enjoy looking at it because I have no windows in my office. I have overhead lights. but then not a lot of people have windows. I lie, most of the big wigs have a window. Us peons are in the hole. And you know what? I need a damn raise. I'm going to look at my job description and redo it to include all of the shite I'm doing now. this is getting old! anywhoo... I'm going to call and resign at my part time job tonight. *sigh* I would stay on one day, but even the discount isn't worth the drive in gas money. plus, when I become a consultant, I will need my weekends to book parties. So, if anyone is reading this and would like to either book or order some adult toys *wink* let me know. and I'll hook ya up!! Oh and on another note *to just make my freakin day even better* I don't remember if I posted about the little asshole who backed into *and onto the hood* of my car. Caused about 2500 hundred dollars worth of damage? Well, he didn't want me to turn it into insurance, but when he found out how much it was, he was like, well, call this guy cuz he does it really cheap. how about a big fuck u? I like my car, and if i wanted it done half assed, I'd get one of my brothers to do it. So I turned it into my insurance today. *sigh* didn't want to, but had to. I'm not taking my car to fourteen *slight exaggeration* different places to get an estimate. Deal with it you little shit!!! own up to it like a man! bastard... so now, I get to pay a freakin 500 dollar deductible to get my shit fixed. FUCK... let me pull that shit out of my ass. or better yet, I'll just go sell my ass for it. *kidding* I could ring his little scrawny ass neck!!!....ggggrrrr... well, that's my rant and rave for today. I hope ya'll got your fix.

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March 04, 2005

I'm da bomb....

I got my first 8 on the break last night!*oh yeah oh yeah!* and what made it even sweeter? she made an 8 on the break the first game!!! *dancin in my seat!!* it was great! i have to work this weekend *sigh* I really want to resign and I think I'm going to... this shite is getting old...anywho... I'm going to finish up some loose ends here at work and get the hell outta here! it's FRIDAY! oh, and my sister in law had her baby! a little girl! 5 lbs and 18 inches long!!! welcome to the world Alicia! TOOT TOOT
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March 03, 2005

can u see me?

still have to work on getting the title to show, but other than that I am getting pretty cozy in my new "skin" hehehehe... get it? okay, moving along...not much doin around here right now. did a lot of work today... saved a little for tomorrow. and I'm getting ready to cut outta here! and guess what? tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! *oh yeah, oh yeah....doin the carlton* later peeps! TOOT TOOT
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March 02, 2005


well, I've got the comments working.. and also the trackback thing... *Smile* but i'll be damned if I can figure out how to put the title above my posts. I tried to cut and paste from my old blogger template, but it make the font all out of whack. any help??? anyone... anyone???? bueller? bueller? *doin the happy dance that I figured out the template***** TOOT TOOT
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whatdaya think?

huh huh??? of course you can't tell me because I don't have comments yet... couldn't figure out how to move the comments. I'm going to try a free comment thingy.. (I know, I'm all like, technical and shit). Also, I'm trying to figure out how the hell to put the title of my blog on there. any help? then again, you'll have to wait til I get the comments enabled.... TOOT TOOT
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March 01, 2005

Busy little bee...

I've been a busy little bee here lately. I am learning how to do payroll for about, oh, 6 departments... *sigh* fun. so it took me almost all day yesterday to do 2. I finished up some leftovers today. I'll be on my own come Friday *aaahhhh* I hope I don't screw up. That's someone's pay that I'm messin with. we'll see. I might have a new template, but it doesn't really have anything remotely to do with the name of my blog.... so, question peeps, do I use it? or find one that is more in tune with the name of my blog? opinions peeps... I need some help. TOOT TOOT
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