January 31, 2005

This is why...

Az Zubayr, 2005 - AP Photo/Andrew Parsons
**borrowed this from Citizen Smash...this is why we're over there...believe it.


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January 27, 2005

High School Meme

**finagled this from Lisa over in the Den***mmwwwhhaaaa** my darling Lisa may also help me update this crappy template! woohoo!
What year was it? 1990-1004.
What were your three favorite bands (performers)? In the beginning...New Kids on the block *hanging head* and any "Hair" bands. OMG...Sebastian Bach. Haven't seen a man yet who looks as good with long hair as he did. yummy.. (sorry wiping the drool off my keyboard)
What was your favorite outfit? umm...Little tank tops (cuz I was skinny back then) and tight shorts.
What was up with your hair? I can only explain it by the phrase "I was experimenting".
Who were your best friends? Bobbi (female) and Robin, affectionately known as Simba.
What did you do after school? Depends, I played lacrosse for two years, cheerleader for one, school musicals for two, plus some other groups and suff.
Where did you work? Subway..
Did you take the bus? Sometimes, usually i got a ride or my aunt/dad/family picked me up.
Who did you have a crush on? Moe, who ended up being my first boyfriend.
Did you fight with your parents? sometimes, but not all the time. I would have gotten slapped if I argued with my mom.
Who did you have a CELEBRITY crush on? lots, but especially Joe McIntyre and Sebastian Bach. *i know, two completely different sides of the spectrum!
Did you smoke cigarettes? Not until I was about 16, and only then on the weekends. cuz I was over my auntie's house. Then I smoked all the time about 18.
Did you lug all of your books around because you were too nervouse to find your locker?No, cuz I went to an all girls catholic high school, so there weren't too many of us to begin with. and for the most part the upper classman were cool.
Did you have a clique? I don't think so cuz I bounced from the "nerds" to the "artsy" to the all over, except the rich girls...never really got with them too much.
Did you have "The Max" like Zach, Kelly and Slater? No..
Admit it, were you popular? I wouldn't say I was a nobody, but I wasn't the most popular girl...I could hold my own though.
Who did you want to be just like? No one. I liked being me and I actually loved high school and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
Where did you think you'd be at the age you are now? Making way more money, not married, no kids...never really pictured myself like that. working in advertising or somethign like that. cool clothers, car, etc. *sigh* i"m SO far from that, but it's not that bad. I'm bouncing back....

toodles kiddies

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January 26, 2005

Busy bee....

been pretty busy at work this week. today is hump day! horray! My friend from my part time job called me and wants me to come into work with her tonight, because someone called out. I know the only reason that she really wants me to work with her is cuz she wants me to take her to the motel where her ex is staying. it's on my way home. I don't want to be chauffer (sp?) anymore than I have to. Plus i need to go to Walmart tonight. I need toothpaste, deordorant and stuff. You really needed to know that didn't you. anywho..and American Idol (shut up) comes on tonight. It's the last week before real competition begins. I'm excited. so...I guess I'll have to tell her thanks, but no thanks... maybe next time. well, just dropped in to say howdy and see how everyone's doin.... on that note, i've got some work to do... TOOT TOOT
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January 21, 2005


damn blogger wouldn't let me on to post. *geesh* anywho... supposed to get MAJOR snow this weekend, (up to a foot) yes, it is major for us city folks... and my stupid ass is headed to the grocery store. *sigh* Blame it on my darling cousin (yes Net, your daughter). She has waited until today to ask me to take her to the grocery store. *Sigh* oh well... I don't have tow work. Might go out for some grub later on. yummy.....today is friday and i would do the Friday five, but I think I'll swipe the meme from Lisa over at The Den of Iniquity.....
What color is most reflective of you? I would have to say forest green. just cuz it's my favorite color.
How did you get the idea for your journal name?I like the poem, so I just used it as a title.
What time were you born? I was born at 12:28 in the afternoon. the only reason I know this is when I turned 21 my mom wouldn't wish my happy birthday until then. *Smile*
What song are you playing now or wish you were playing? I'm actually listening to the "Footloose" soundtrack *shut up*
Has the death of a celebrity ever made you cry? No, I cannot say that it did.
What color underwear are you wearing? If yo really must know perv, they are purple with designs.
Do you want a baby?only if I can give it back.
What does your dad do for a living?He is a contractor, remodels houses and stuff.
What does your mom do for a living? She works for a division STX lacrosse. Used to do payroll, not sure what she does now.
What is your pet's name? Damon (laborador retriever) and Sasha (calico cat)
What color are your bedsheets? Green jersey sheets.
What are the last three digits of your telephone? what are you a stalker? geesh....

okay...there are way more questions, but I don't have time to answer them all right now....so, have a good weekend and hopefully it won't be too bad. toodles....

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January 19, 2005

Snow? eh...

hello kiddies! it's supposed to snow today. should be fun trying to get to my part time job. it's only supposed to be 2 inches, if that. but people freak out about driving in snow. either they drive WAY to fast or WAY too slow. caution is good, but damn when I can get out and walk faster than you drive, on the beltway!, that is not good. especially when the roads probably won't be that bad anyways. *sigh* okay...who watched American Idol last night? come on, admit it... it was funny as shit to watch the judges faces when people were up there and couldn't sing. I know I can't sing. but it's good to watch. I like it when they actually get to the competition part of the show. so...on that note... *hehehehe* i've gotta get back to work.... TOOT TOOT
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January 14, 2005


I've finally caught the fever! please click above to help me get a free ipod... smooches and hugs all around... spank you very much TOOT TOOT
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Friday Five...

CD I have in my car that I roll up the windows to listen to:Moulin rouge soundtrack, I'm a dork.
Book I read flat so no one could see the title: Nothing. I'm not ashamed of anything I read.
Crappiest song ever sung at karaoke: I don't karaoke. ever. never have, never will. I am Queen Diva in my car, but other than that I don't sing in public.
Bad movie I watch repeatedly: Although I don't think it'a bad movie per say, but I love a Walk to Remember, with Mandy Moore. And yeah, my dumbass cries at it everytime.

Article of clothing I love though I know it's wrong:
ummm... I have a shirt that says "Nosy" pretty big, then under it in pretty small letters it says "little fuck aren't you?"

What I order at the bar when no one is listening:
I pretty much only drink Coors light cuz of my stomach. But I'm not embarassed by an alcoholic beverage, from a Blowjob to a Redheaded Slut...

Fast food item I adore: The fish sandwhich from checkers. I think it's the sauce they put on it. yummy yum.
A TV show that is a good example of the downfall of civilization that I love anyway:

I watch The Swan *hanging head in shame* although it's not religious or anything. I'm more of a CSI, law & order kinda girl.

I've seen this too many places to say I swiped it from any one person. I saw it over at Ith's, Lisa's and A small victory. Oh, and if any of you dahling's can tell me to link to those posts, via by the guests being able to click on the name, I'd appreciate it. Anyone want to buy me web pages for dummies????
toodles peeps

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January 13, 2005


now that nutgirl has left the building, back to your regularly scheduled programming.......
well, i talked to him...like he told me, he's never given me a reason to doubt him. which is true. He says that the reason I have not met the friends is that he does not hang out with them like that. He did try to get me to meet one before, but I had to work. and his other friend asked us to go out last week for her birthday, but alas it was during the week and I try not to go out during the week. so i do believe that I have let my insecurities get the best of me. *sigh* he also said that I call too damn much. true, true. I admit that. but I do that with everyone. when I want to talk to someone, I will keep calling them until I get an answer. well, no more. I know, my darling auntie, that I am what you say. It's just every now and then, I get a little off balance. If that's what you want to call it. so for now, I will do me and let things happen. stop worrying so damn much. if it's meant to be, it'll happen. If not the satisfaction of chucking his shit out into the street would make my hurt a little less. :) Now that nutgirl has paid a visit, I hope her sorry ass loses the directions to my house.
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January 12, 2005


I really don't understand what's wrong with me. Why do I always get insecure in relationships? is it because of some woman's intuition that is really telling me that he is cheating? or is it only my insecurities that make me feel that way? I'm pretty sure it's just my insecurities, he tells me that he loves me. he does things for me. he pretty much shows me that he loves me. Remember my post about the whole answer the damn phone? That is something that makes me think he's cheating. Is he not answering the phone cuz he's with someone else? Or does he just not want to talk to me? or does he really not hear it? *he barely hears it at home* A big thing that makes me insecure is that he has female "friends". First, I've never dated anyone that had female friends, so this is extremely hard. Secondly, I've never met any of these friends either. And this past weekend we were down his friends house. His drunken daughter came home and asked me who I was. Now Sig and I have been dating since August... 6 months. I told her I was SIg's girlfriend and she says "oh, I thought Vena was his girlfriend." That's one of his friends. Why the hell would this daughter still think that they were a couple when we've been toghether for as long as we have???? have they been down there together? Then she says "well, you slept with her didn't you?" Sig says no, we went out as friends until I found out she had a crush on me. the daughter then says "she says she slept with you more than once." Has this bitch been saying this shit recently??? WTF? I don't care if you slept with her, as long as it was before we were together. I don't particulary like you talking to her. But I can't say anything cuz I still talk to a guy I messed with, we are just friends. we never really dated as in boyfriend/girlfriend. we shoot on the same pool team. whatever, fine. but I think this girl lives on a certain street. and when I asked at his work where he was, this random *either hooker or drug addict* mentioned the street and said that was where he was. Although I was told that he was on a tow with one of the guys from work. WTF? again, so what the fuck am I supposed to think? I DON'T FUCKING GET IT. Is it me? or is my 6th sense trying to tell me something? HELP PEOPLE! any thoughts? anyone else been in this situation or similar? I'm fucking losing my mind here. do I try to kill my insecurities and ride it out to see if he is? do I confront him with how I feel? HELP me.... the insecurities in me have broken through the dam and are slowly drowning me. I need a life vest. TOOT TOOT
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January 11, 2005

Come on...

i know your out there....I see you on my site meter....comments? see, *sniff* I really don't get enough readers to give me pirate image. That's sad. anywho...bizarro dream last night. I only remember this part and I don't know why. Me and some of my famiy where in this house. I remember it had a lot of windows. the power was out and there was a storm going on, thunder and lightening. even when it wasn't lightening out, you could still see, it was bright enough. anywho....you could feel this presence in the house, it felt evil. *i know, i know it's my freakish dream okay?* I figured, what better way to get rid of it then to pray? I start to say the Lord's prayer "Our father, who art in heaven.." well, it didn't work. All it did was piss this presence off. I had things, sharp things (knives) thrown at me. All the while I'm ducking and stuff, i'm still saying the Lord's prayer. then the air gets thicker, it's the only way I can explain it. like it's trying to sqeeze me. Then I can't really get the words out. So I try to yell the prayer...it's then my boyfriend elbows me in the side and i realize I was yelling in my sleep. eh??? bizarre... I'd rather dream about zombies. TOOT TOOT
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January 07, 2005

New site meter...

whatdaya say, whatdaya know... I installed the site meter on here so i can see who's lurking...mmmmwwwaaahhhaa...just kidding. I'm nosy is all. *smile* I'm always looking for new reads, so maybe i'll find some from people passing through...so, why don't you lurkers leave me a lil ole comment? would ya? huh? feh....

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VAN - the band...

check out one of my childhood friend's band site. he's funny as hell, plus they play some pretty good music too...well, what the hell are you waiting for? TOOT TOOT
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Everybody else is doing it....

so why not me? I'm going to post the Friday Five...you can either leave comments or how this shite works about pining back, etc, etc. *can't you tell I need a class in this shite? I'm lucky I got the pic to post!) anywho...let me know your thoughts..
1. Favorite thing to do on a Friday night? Personally, I like to kick back and chill. lay around in my pjs and watch the tube or some movies from Netflix *totally worth it!* or head out with my girls to dance the night away.
2. If you could change one thing (physically) about yourself, what would it be? hmmm...there are a couple things I would change. I think the biggest thing would be my body style. I would much prefer to be small build. I'm what some (most) would call a large frame/build. I'm pretty thick. I've never really had any complaints...most guys like my junk *hehehe* that's probably the only thing I'd change. Oh, one more thing. I'd definitely have my teeth straightened...either veneres (sp?) or braces.
3. If you had your life to do over, what, if anything, would you change? The only thing that I would change is the fact that I dropped out of college going into my senior year. *kicking self in the arse* The rest would've been different. Alot of the shite that I've been through probably would've never happened, which is good. the only downfall is that i might not have hooked up with my beau, but hey, who knows? if it was meant to be...
4. What are you currently reading? well, i'm finishing up Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time Series. I'm patiently waiting for the next book to come out. which I dont' think will be til the end of this year. *Sigh* in the mean time he's got two books out that are pre- (can't think of the word!) they are books aobut what happened before the first book in the series. so I'll grab them after this one.
5. can't think of a fifth question that really means anything. What music is in your cd player right now? Rascall Flats "Feels like today". Got it for christmas and I like it alot.....

well, that's it for now kiddies....

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just for fun....

Pic of me and my beau at my cousin's wedding.it would've been better if he smiled, but he only does that when we're at home... *hehehe*

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January 06, 2005

just a thought...

i guess it would be kinda sad if i didn't even have enough readers to get my "pirate" identity. eh...i guess that's how it goes. TOOT TOOT
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It's all about me, Savvy???

What kind of pirate am I? You decide!
You can also view a breakdown of results or put one of these on your own page!
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey


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anybody want to clue me in as to why my actually post looks nothing like the way I type it? or when I look at it in preview? it really irks my nerves. any information would be appreicated. TOOT TOOT
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This happened to me last night and I knew that I would write about it here today. It was about 9 o'clock last night, slowly counting down. This guy and his wife bring over about 4 boxes of plates and stuff. They also bring the display thingy. (picture a wood piece with poles...kinda like a drainer...you know, you've seen how stores display plates and stuff) anywho...i go to grab it to put it behind the counter. The following conversation ensues:
ME: This was a display,huh? (as I reach for the display stuff) HIM: some of it. oh, i want those. (he's smiling) ME: (smiling back) You can't have these. (i'm starting to think he's joking) HIM: I can't have those? ME: (kinda laughing) uh, no. they're displays. HIM: Well, if I can't have those I don't want the dishes. I just won't buy them, okay? (he's still smiling) ME: (trying not to laugh) uh, okay.
He and his wife pick up the dishes and put them back. I look at the girl I'm working with and we just start laughing. whatever dude. Until I hear "Lynn or a manager, please come to the catalog department." OH SHIT! I look over there and HE'S THERE! He went there to call the manager. Oh great. I'm in trouble. I checked with my co-worker, I wasn't mean was I? No she says. I say oh well, and we start laughing cuz it's just downright crazy. So anyway he talks to our manager, then guess what? he buys the damn stuff anyways. After we ring him up and he leaves, our manager comes over to lock the doors. I asked her what happened and she told the customer that he couldn't have the display stuff, but that he could talk to the Visual Display manager. Do you know what his response was? "well, I'm buying all this stuff, i think you should just give it to me." Yeah, buddy. that's our new policy...it's not like we don't have enough shitty policies as it is. let's add another. My manager said it was hard for her to stand there and not laugh at him. ROFLMAO.....there are some strange birds out there... *geesh* thank god I don't have to work tonight.....
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January 04, 2005

Did you miss me?

doubtful...highly doubtful. The new year came in without a hitch. I'm hoping that this year brings a little more insight into my life. anywho....I'm really perturbed right now....*GGGRRR* I. hate. it. when. people. don't. answer. their. DAMN. cellphones!!!!!! WTF is the purpose of having the bitch if you don't answer it? I can understand if you don't hear it, but all the time? makes ya start to wonder if they are avoiding you....And the real reason i have a problem is because I have this condition.... I've had it for as long a I can remember... if I call someone and they don't answer the phone....I have this deep seeded compulsion to keep calling them until they answer. I don't understand. I just can't drop it. I don't understand! I tell myself..no. more. phone. but my hands just have a mind of their own and before I know it the receiver is to my ear and I'm listnening to another fuckin voicemail. *Sigh* PLEASE people...for the love of pete....and those of use that have this disorder...ANSWER THE FUCKING PHONE!!!! * deep breath...deep breath* I am writing this to try to keep my hands busy so that I don't pick up the phone again. *gggrrr* but it's sitting right there...laughing at me cuz it knows that I will just get another voicemail if I call.....can't. stop. myself. need. help........DAMN... this didn't work and wouldn't you know it... I GOT ANOTHER FUCKING VOICEMAIL>>.. Can you tell that i have serious issues??? I need a smoke....anybody else have this problem? or am I the only fruitloop around?????anybody know of a good shrink? TOOT TOOT
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