June 28, 2005


the weekend was pretty good. It wasn't long enough. I've just finished putting my resume on Monster Jobs...so cross your fingers for me. I would work with this girl I know doing loans, but right now they are only hiring for commission. Yuck... can't do that yet. Don't know enough. It's going to be hard to find a place that starts with decent money and allows me to learn. I'll keep looking. I saw a sign today for registering for real estate classes. maybe I'll look into that. who knows??? anywho.. I've got to run and fill out an application for a job. toodles kiddies!!! *oh, and she is sleeping B*

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June 24, 2005


yeah baby! it's friday! the weather is gorgeous and I'm off tomorrow... oh yeah oh yeah!! * doing the kid n play* Life if pretty good right now. all my bills are paid off except one....which i will pay off on tuesday... and I'm going out with my girls tomorrow night. AND i'm finally going to treat myself to a pedicure and manicure tomorrow... smoookkiinnn.. LOL... it's almost time to beat it the hell outta here. about 2 more hours. how is everyone else doin? let me know! leave me a freakin comment people!!!!! i know your out there.... catch ya'll later!!! toodles

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June 21, 2005

jezus chrispity christ

okay....I'm really beginning to hate coming to work. yes, that's right, the new job. It's not the job. really. I enjoy the job. but damn, i'm on the prowl again.... for a job. help me.....

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June 20, 2005


anyone there? it's just me...checking in...not much going on right now. just working trying to see if this place is a fit for me... so far... eh. that's about it. eh. I don't mind the work and the actual job.... but the atmosphere. yuck. it sucks. anywho... who's doing what? what's new in your world??? let a sista know....peace!!!

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June 15, 2005

I'm feeling HOT, HOT, HOT

oh yeah...it's hot. and I don't have freakin AC..... Arrrgghhh!!! I'm looking into getting a new unit. and for a discounted price!! woohoo! the new job is okay. I like the people, most of them anyways. the phones are the worst part cuz you have to stop what your doing and help the person on the phone. which sucks cuz most of the time it's when I'm in the middle of something else. *sigh* oh well, well I've gotta run. i'll try to post again later.... toodles kiddies!!

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June 13, 2005

It's me!!!

hello... hello...did anyone miss me??? I have to make this quick because I'm not supposed to be on the internet....so, how the hell is everyone?? I'm doing good. I'm enjoying my new job...so far. it's not too bad.... it's hot as hell here in ole Maryland....so drop me a line and let me know what's going on in your corner of the world....TOODLES

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June 02, 2005


Well, today has finally come. Can't believe it's been three weeks already. It's kinda sad but in a way really freeing. I hooked my computers up at home. Both work, but one is way faster. that is the one i'm going to use. but it will take me a couple of weeks before I have internet access at home. So, in the mean time, I will try to post from either work (doubtful) or from my aunt's computer. Wish me luck... I'm off on a new adventure!!!

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June 01, 2005

It's Just Me

well, kiddies, it's been fun. Click on the title above to go to my new home. I've got a new post up over there. Blogger's been fun, but I think it's time to move on. SO, go leave me a comment over at my new home. It's a little bare right now, gotta get some furniture...oh and a TV, some.......off track! anywho...check me over there from now on...... TOOT TOOT
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One more day...

well, kiddies, tomorrow is it....my last day. *sigh* I didn't think I'd be emotional but the more I think about it, the more teary eyed I get. These people have been a part of my life for 4 years. It's hard to say goodbye. I know it's goodbye because I probably won't keep in touch with any of them. I am going to stay 0 hours in the Emergency Department just to keep my feet wet so to speak. so, I'll probably post again tomorrow. And then, who knows when? so, thanks for reading....and talk to you soon. *I'm not stopping blogging, but I will be sporadic for a while*

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